SleepStyle 254 Auto CPAP and Integrated Humidifier

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Comfortable and Ergonomic Humidifier Enhances Sleep Quality

The SleepStyle 254 Auto is one of the most comfortable and effective CPAP humidifiers on the market. Fisher Markel designed the SleepStyle 254 Auto with both your comfort and health in mind. SensAwake technology constantly monitors your breathing patterns and self-adjusts the humidity to compensate for any apneas or periods of irregular breathing you may experience throughout the night. This compact and travel-friendly device also includes SensAwake, which monitors airflow and adjusts pressure settings throughout the night. With its easy-to-access data and convenient setup, the SleepStyle 254 is truly one of the best humidifiers on the market.

SensAwake Technology

SensAwake monitors airflow and alters pressure levels depending on your respiration. When your respiration is irregular, the machine will automatically reduce pressure. This personalized treatment will help you fall asleep more naturally and let you stay asleep through apneas and other irregular breathing episodes.

In Depth Monitoring

You can follow your therapy with Fisher Paykel's PerformanceMaximizer and the removable SmartStick. This technology reports your nightly pressure readings, leaks, and apnea-hypopnea, while the PressureStick lets you share data easily with your physician.

Ambient Tracking Plus

Wake up with less congestion with the sleepStyle 254. The 254 Humidifier comes with Ambient Tracking Plus, which has sensors that constantly measure the machine's humidity level. These sensors adjust humidity levels to prevent condensation buildup and to ensure that humidity remains constant throughout the night.

Key Features

  • Quiet for You and Your Partner
  • Automatically Adjusting Machine
  • Reduces Rainout

Reviewers Tip:

Set the pressure a tick lower than you normally do: some users report that this model's pressure settings are a little more intense than that of other devices.

CPAP Replacement SChedule for Machines, Masks, and Supplies


  • What is the pressure range of the 254?
    • 4-20 cm H20. The device changes pressure in increments of .5 cm H20.
  • What kind of water should I use with my humidifier?
    • At RespShop, we recommend using distilled water in all humidifiers, unless explicitly directed otherwise. While regular water probably won't damage the device, distilled water can slightly extend its lifespan.
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Package Contents

  • SleepStyle™ 254 Auto CPAP with integrated heated humidifier.
  • Water Chamber
  • 6ft Breathing Tube
  • Travel Bag
  • Air Filters
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