H2O4CPAP Ion Distilled Water System

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1 x Pitcher
1 x Filter Cartridge

H2O 4 CPAP Ion Distilled Water System for CPAP/BiPAP Humidifier Water Chamber

Make distilled water for your CPAP/BiPAP humidifier water chambers from the comfort of your own home! With the H2O 4 CPAP Water Filtering System, you no longer need to visit grocery stores for heavy and wasteful bottled water. You can easily supply ion distilled water for your CPAP machine at home using tap water. A filter is included with the pitcher. How easy and convenient is that!

Solves The Headache of The Building Calcium in Your Water Chamber

If you use a CPAP or BiPAP machine to treat sleep apnea, you likely have a heated humidifier integrated into the device. Every CPAP machine manufacturer recommends using distilled water in the humidifier because it will maximize the life of the water chamber and prevent bacterial growth. H2O 4 CPAP eliminates contaminants found in tap water that can form sandpaper-like scale within your CPAP humidifier water chamber, which can also be a breeding ground for bacteria pathogens. These pathogens, which thrive in warm, moist environments like those found in CPAP water chambers, can harm the respiratory system.

Easy To Use - Make Distilled Water in Just 2 Minutes

Unlike conventional drinking water filter pitchers, which do not remove calcium, our H2O 4 CPAP ion-distilled water filtration device, invented by an American sleep apnea patient, designed a filter that specifically removes harmful contaminants from tap water and protects the health of sleep apnea patients. Simply insert a filter cartridge into the pitcher and pour tap water into the small compartment located near the handle. In just seconds, you’ll have a full pitcher of ion-distilled water for CPAP humidifier chambers.

No More Trips to Grocery Stores For Heavy Gallon Jugs

Saves you gas money, bottled water $, and your humidifier chamber lasts longer with distilled water!
This highly effective device costs just pennies per night to use. It also eliminates the inconvenience of buying and storing gallons of distilled CPAP water. Each H2O 4 CPAP water filter cartridge will remove harmful toxins from tap water for up to 60 nights and makes 6 gallons of ion-distilled water for CPAP machines.

Why Distilled Water For Your CPAP/BiPAP?

Every manufacturer of sleep apnea machines, recommends the use of distilled water. Why is that? Calcium, manganese, and other contaminants found in tap water will form sandpaper-like scale within your water chamber that can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and yeast. All of these pathogens thrive in warm, moist environments within CPAP water chambers that can seriously endanger your respiratory system. Invented by a sleep apnea patient who was tired of running to the store to carry heavy distilled water bottles, H2O 4 CPAP ensures that you “Never Use Tap Water in Your CPAP Humidifier Water Chamber."

 *Important Steps to follow when replacing your filter
  1. Remove film from bottom of filter
  2. Use cool, safe tap water only 
  3. Fill and empty pitcher 3 times before using 
  4. Reset Timer
  5. Do not fill pitcher all the way up when storing, keep below filter


Doesn't every water filter do the same thing? Is this the same as a Brita or Zerowater pitcher?
H2O 4 CPAP may look like other water filters, but common water pitcher filters like Brita intentionally leave IN Calcium for drinking as a benefit to strengthening bones and teeth. But what's good for your bones is bad for CPAP humidifier chambers. The products may look the same, but they serve different purposes.

How many gallons of tap water can one filter do?
Just slightly more than 6 gallons of filtered water. One gallon is needed for approximately 10 nights of use.

Where can I get extra filters?
You can purchase extra filters here .

Can it be used with BiPAP?
Yes, it can also be used with BiPAP machines.

How often do you have to change the filter?
Every 60 days.

Does it remove chlorine?
No, it is not designed to remove chlorine, just the hard water elements like calcium and magnesium which contribute to build-up in CPAP humidifier chambers.

Is this deionized water?
Yes, it's ion-distilled, resin-filtered water designed for CPAP humidifier chambers.

Is it BPA-free?

Is there any evidence this product works as claimed?
To clarify, all water pitchers utilize ion-distillation filtration to accomplish their specific purpose of producing drinking water. Since calcium is essential for bone strength, conventional water pitchers leave in the calcium as an advantage to their final drinking water product. The H2O 4 CPAP by contrast is specifically designed to remove that calcium (as well as magnesium and other minerals) that would cause build-up in the humidifier chambers. The water that comes out of our unit is perfectly safe to drink, but it has none of the benefits that calcium provides.

The H2O 4 CPAP has the following certifications:

The NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, is a nonprofit organization founded in 1944 whose goal was to create standards for food safety. An NSF certification means that the products may only use FDA-approved raw materials.

The Water Quality Association is a nonprofit association for the residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment industries with over 2500 members around the world. A WQA certification is one of the highest standards for evaluating water purification systems.

CE Marking
A CE Marking is a certification that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the EEA (European Economic Area).

HCPCS CodeE1399
Dimensions10 Inches Tall, 6 Inches Wide

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Q. How do I sanitize my unit ? And how often after filtering water for my Cpap system?
A. Please hand wash the pitcher with warm soapy water at least once a week. You can air dry or dry with a clean cloth. Please remember to remove filter first before cleaning.
Q. So, the replacement filters cost about twice as much as the six gallons of distilled water they produce???
A. Hello,
Yes the replacement filters cost more than your average water filter but this distilled water system reduces the number of plastic bottles used and lets you make distilled water without leaving the house.
Q. Can i use vapor distilled water in my cpap machine?
A. Hi there, you can use it only if it is free of electrolytes/minerals. Sometimes with vapor distilled water, the electrolytes are re-added after distillation. Thank you.
Q. I am very upset. There is a dried residue that appears in my humidifier after the water is used up. I am concerned that this water is not truly distilled water and that my CPAP machine will be compromised. What is the warranty for this product? Can I return for a refund?
A. Hello, I am sorry this happened. Please contact our office and speak with customer service. They will help you. Thank you
Q. What are the dimensions of this container? How tall, etc. What is its capacity?
A. Here are the dimensions 10 Inches Tall, 6 Inches Wide. How many gallons of tap water can one filter do?
Just slightly more than 6 gallons of filtered water. One gallon is needed for approximately 10 nights of use.
Q. Why can I not store the filtered water from picture in my previous plastic jugs at room temperature? Also once jug water is filtered ,can I keep unit empty on counter?
A. You can do so, just make sure all jugs are properly sanitized before use. You can keep at room temperature, it will just need to be sanitized/cleaned more often if left out, why they recommend keeping in the fridge.

Ellie from Respshop
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Pam S
Subject: H20 4 CPAP
I was thrilled to see this new product. No more carrying heavy jugs and paying a $1. per gallon either. It was easy to set up and it even has a timer to let me know when 60 day filter needs to be replaced. Super easy but mostly super convenient and NO MORE PLASTIC JUGS going into landfill :)
*Don't forget to remove the clear film at bottom of filter or it won't work properly
3 years ago
1 of 5 Stars!
Mark O
Subject: Review of the H20 4 CPAP
I've used distilled water for a very long time, using my own distiller. I wanted to give this a try, to save time. It's terrible. I used inline filtered water (with a new filter) and it still left residue every single day. I'm going back to distilling water.

Thank you for your feedback. Please make sure you have followed all the instructions when adding the filter. Allow the water to flow through 3 times before using it and use cool tap water.

3 years ago
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