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Sunset Healthcare Crown Fitted Adjustable Chin Strap

Model: CS003S, CS003R, CS003M, CS003L, CS003XL
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This Adjustable Sized Chin Strap Makes Never Falls Off!

With the chinstrap in hand, it feels sturdy and doesn't stretch but is flexible. The neoprene is woven throughout the wear side for added comfort during movement. Velcro tabs are also sewn on to assist in proper fitting and personalization. Application is easy as you place your chin in the holder and Velcro the straps over head making sure the ears are in between the straps. It's important to note that chin strap comes in four different sizes; small, medium, large and extra large to cover all users. Testing the chin strap's durable design, i wasn't able to weaken the elasticity, which makes me think this chinstrap will last longer and have a truer fit for a longer period of time. The one issue we hear most often with chin straps is that they don't stay on very well. I can attest that the single strap version of chin straps, while comfortable and lightweight aren't very effective for my larger build, as I have the tendency to forcefully open my mouth during CPAP therapy. Using the large size it was physically impossible to open my mouth while wearing this chin strap. Usually, I use a full face CPAP mask but with this chin strap, I was able to use the ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask and the Respironics ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask without the usual drowning of air that can travel out of the mouth. If you have issues with a chin strap staying on at night or opening your mouth, try the Sunset Heathcare Crown Fitted Chin Strap's for a more secure fit.

Key Features

Long lasting, durable design
Four size options for a personalized fit
Great for Nasal Pillow and Nasal Mask users

Reviewers Tip

Four sizes can mean its hard to find your correct size, so we made a size chart to assist in fitting.

How do I put the Sunset Healthcare Adjustable Chin Strap On?

  • Place chin in holder
  • Pull straps over head making sure the ears split the straps
  • Attach Velcro to secure the fit


How Do I Know Which Size Is Right For Me?

  • Small - Less 7"  from Chin to Crown
  • Medium - From 7 - 9 1/2" from Chin to Crown
  • Large - From 9 1/2 - 12" from Chin to Crown
  • Extra Large - Over 12" from Chin to Crown

How Do Clean the Chin Strap?

Make sure to hand wash with a mild dish soap or detergent, rinse thoroughly and lay out flat until dry. Do not wash in machine, dry in dryer or iron.

How Do I Put On The Chin Strap?

Have the larger Velcro strap face you, place chin in holder and pull the straps over ears. Secure the top Velcro strap first then secure the back of the head Velcro strap.


The Sunset Healthcare Chin Strap compares to the Puresom Ruby TMS09ADJ and TMS09ADJXL.

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