HDM Z1 Travel CPAP Machine
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HDM Z1 Travel CPAP Machine

Model: HD60-1005, HD60-1010
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HDM Z1 CPAP is discontinued. The newer version is HDM Z2 CPAP.

Small, Lightweight Travel CPAP Device

HDM’s Z1 is one of the smallest and lightest sleep apnea therapy devices on the market. The Z1 weighs just 10 ounces and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand! An extremely quiet device, this CPAP machine is the ideal travel companion for any sleep apnea user. Plug it in at night, or use batteries for ultimate convenience.

Travel in Comfort

The ultra lightweight and travel-friendly HDM Z1 CPAP device will fit into any suitcase, purse, or traveling case. You'll never have to worry about lugging this device on your travels, and the rechargeable battery ensures that you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Heat Moisture Exchanger

Tired of dragging clunky humidifiers on the road with you? You won't need to worry about one with the HDM Z1 CPAP. The device comes with an external Heat Moisture Exchanger, which will provide you with all the moisture you need throughout the night. The system works by returning the exhaled heat and moisture back to the user, allowing you to breathe warmed air. No water is needed. Sleep better and wake up without congestion or dry throat without the weight of a water-based humidifier.

Pressure Relief

Using Z-Breathe technology, the Z1 has the ability to automatically reduce pressure during use in order to improve the comfort of your CPAP therapy. Like other CPAP machines in its class, Z-Breathe will reduce pressure while you are breathing out and return to normal when you breathe in, resulting in a normalized breathing pattern. This technology improves comfort while using your Z1 CPAP machine. There are two different settings available for Z-Breathe. Setting one will reduce pressure gradually after a few cycles, while setting two will aggressively respond to your breathing patterns. Choose the setting that you find most comfortable!

Easy to Use

HDM's Z1 is as intuitive of a CPAP machine as you'll find. Its backlit screen allows you to adjust your settings at any time of day, and the machine's big numbers and intuitive setup will make getting your machine working a snap.

Adjust the Air Pressure

The Z1 comes with an adjustable air pressure monitor, allowing you to select the right air pressure for you and your mask.

Default Settings

  • Start Pressure: 8 cm H2O
  • Ramp: Off
  • ZBreathe Setting: 2

Key Features

  • Portable and Durable - Weighs 10 oz with a dimension 6.5"L x 3.3"W x 2"H perfect for traveling or long trips
  • Ramp Technology - Starts with low pressure and gradually increases pressure to prescribed setting over a 45 min period in 5 min increments
  • External Heat Moisture Exchanger- Includes an external heat moisture exchanger unit that acts as a humidifier without adding excessive bulk, ensuring a comfortable night of sleep
  • Adjustable Air Pressure - Easily adjust air pressure with the monitor to select desired pressure
  • Auto Altitude Adjusting - Able to automatically adjust pressure and compensate for altitude differences
  • Comprehensive data recording - Records data including leaks, time of use, and AHI

Reviewer's Tip:

Can be used regularly without compromising performance!

Tips from HDM:

How to reduce noise from Z1

Some people report that the Z1 is noisier than their bedside CPAP. This is due to hearing 2 different noises due to the size of the motor. 


The first noise is described as a wind or whistling noise in the mask. The most likely reason for this sound is that the air is circulating up from a small motor through a narrow tube to the mask, causing it to swirl. This is more noticeable with certain types of masks. To reduce this noise, start with a longer standard hose and insert the HME close to the mask. If this is not enough, add the Qtube in line muffler. This is added closest to the CPAP machine and straightens out the path of the air to reduce the wind noise.


The second noise that people describe is a motor chirping noise from the small motor slowing down and speeding up with inhalation and exhalation of breath. This noise can be reduced by upgrading the firmware to version and then using Z Breathe 2. The upgrade can be found at this link https://hdmusa.com/support/user-guides-and-software/  under the Software and Firmware tab. This firmware works on all Z1 Autos and the Z1 CPAPs that were manufactured after May 2015. You can find the manufacture date on the back of the machine under the serial number.

Introducing the Z1 with PowerShell and Overnight Battery!

Note that this is the standard Z1 machine and does not come with the PowerShell or Overnight Battery.


What is the Z1's operating pressure range?

4-20 cm H2O.

Is the battery replaceable or rechargeable?

The battery, which is optional, is rechargeable.

Can I view data on this device?

Yes, like any good CPAP device, the HDM Z1 allows you to monitor all of your therapeutic needs right on the device.

What are the terms of HDM 15-day trial?

For a limited time HDM is offering a risk free 15-day trial of its Z1® CPAP and Z1 Auto® CPAP. The terms of the offer are as follows:

The products included are the HD60-1005 Z1 CPAP Base System, HD60-1010 Z1 Unplugged System, HD60-1007 Z1 Auto CPAP Base System and HD60-1017 Z1 Auto Unplugged System, plus any accessories included in the initial purchase.
The 15-day trial period starts at the shipment date to the end user. From the shipment date the purchaser has 15 days to contact us to return the products.
The purchaser is responsible for the return shipping costs.
The purchaser must contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) to coordinate the return.
The purchaser must indicate the reason for the return during the RMA request.
All returns must be in the original packing in like-new and working condition with no physical damage.
All returns must be received here within 10 days from the issue of an RMA.
When the above requirements are met, we will issue a refund to the credit card on file for the price of the items purchased.
We will not issue the refund to the purchaser if products are returned defective, damaged, or in anything other than the original packaging.
The Z1 15-day trial offer is available to U.S. customers only.



Return on warranty issues only.

RX Required

Model HD60-1005, HD60-1010
HCPCS Code E0601
Compliance Meter N/A
Data Storage Capacity On-Board 30 days
Data Viewing HDM Data Viewer Software (Windows PC - https://hdmusa.com/new-z1-firmware-with-zbreathe-3/)
Flex Modes N/A
Operation Modes CPAP, CPAP with Ramp, Standby
Water Chamber Capacity N/A
Modes CPAP
Leak Compensation Automatic
Rainout Reduction N/A
Humidifier Settings N/A
Filters Reusable foam filter
Pressure Range 4-20 cm H2O
Ramp Time 0-45 Minutes, adjustable in 5 minute increments
Starting Ramp Pressure 4 to CPAP Pressure
Dimensions 6.5 x 3.3 x 2 inches
Dimensions w Hum N/A
Weight 10.4 oz
Weight of machine with Power Supply 19.41 oz
Weight with Humidifier N/A
Ramp Standard Ramp User Adjustable 0 to 45 Minutes
Pressure Relief Z-Breathe 1,2, or 3 (1 = Gentle, 2 = Moderate, 3 = Maximum Drop in Pressure at Exhalation)
Sound/Noise Level 26 dBA
Humidifier Included N/A
Altitude Adjustment Automatic Up To 8000 Feet
AC Power Supply Weight N/A
Smartphone App N/A
Color White with light grey
Warranty 3 years
Data Card N/A
AC Power 30W input range 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing)
DC Compatible Yes, PowerShell (Optional)
  • Z1 Travel CPAP Machine
  • Four foot tube
  • One filter - disposable
  • AC Power Supply
  • One moisture exchanger
  • Power cord
  • USB cord
  • Outlet coupler
  • Drawstring bag
3.8rating Based on 11 reviews
Emma R 08/29/2014
4 of 5 Stars!

The tiny little machine, HD60-1005 or Z1, does everything for me as a frequent traveler with sleep disorder. As you know, it's less is better when you go on an airplane, so I finally found the small travel cpap machine to use while on the road. On a flight to Russia, a seatmate asked if I was holding a lint remover! I told him that it is a travel cpap machine for my sleep apnea therapy. He got very interested because he thinks he's got what I got, and I gave him your website address so he can go and find out more about it. Anyway, the machine is very light, and quiet. It didn't bother my seatmate when I fell asleep with the machine running.

Matt S 05/29/2014
4 of 5 Stars!

Thought it was a bit expensive compared to other travel machines, but I wanted to give it a shot just because its so unique. Size is awesome, and I am definitely happy that I purchased this over the other machines I was looking at. Dont think i could use it as an every day machine because I like my resmed humidifier. Travel a lot which makes it really a good machine for me. Giving it four out of five mainly for the price. Overall machine works great and is really quiet.

Lilly H 06/13/2014
5 of 5 Stars!

Finally! I always use respshop because they have the best prices and the best shipping but they didnt have this machine for awhile compared to others. I was actually getting desperate respshop I almost had to use somebody else to buy this!

Thankfully you guys added it and now I have my perfect travel machine :)

Awesome job, great machine, been waiting for it and now that I have it I am completely satisfied, as small as advertised and works great too.

Deneen N 08/15/2016
5 of 5 Stars!

I love this cpap! It is tiny, yet delivers like a full size unit. It is a little noisy, but I got used to it in a couple of days.
Swapping out my used mask for a fresh one helped also. I use it every night and with the battery pack I will use it for travel. I like that I can change the pressure level myself. I am delighted with my purchase!

Patty K 09/24/2014
4 of 5 Stars!

The smallest device I've seen, and best for travelling it really don't take up so much space on my luggage when I travel. The machine comes with a built in humidification exchange system where it gives me all the moisture I need during my therapy. Machine is very quiet and my husband and I have had a very restful night ever since.

Jose L 01/30/2017
3 of 5 Stars!

Weight is great as well as easy-to-use, downside is the noise (the hose is a bit short as well). To be fair, at home I use a ResMed and compare to it Z1 is a vacum cleaner.
All in all is recommendable for travelling.

Wai M(Verified Purchase) 03/22/2016
5 of 5 Stars!

Very light and tiny. Function according to advertisement/manual/specifications.

Very satisfied with the product and the purchase.

Only a little louder than my Breas iSleep 20i.

ANN B 06/08/2017
2 of 5 Stars!


luis e 05/28/2014
3 of 5 Stars!

Quisiera saber si a esta HDM Z1 se le incorpora el tubo y màscara de una CPAP RESMED comùn o còmo es lo que lleva para conectarse al portador. Agradezco repuesta .

Frederick P 04/27/2017
5 of 5 Stars!

Maybe slightly noises but not much. Works very well. Great size for travel, which is why I got it

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I enjoy using my Z1, 60-1000 as I travel. I noticed on your website this model is discontinued. However, I am needed my unit to be examined as it hasn't been working. It will turn on, stay on for a short period of time, then turns itself off.
Do you have repair service or can you suggest a company able to service my unit? I appreciate your response.
Hi there, it looks like this device can be serviced by the repair service we use. You can find out more information about the process here: https://www.respshop.com/more-products/cpap-services/cpap-machine-repair-service-p-543.html

If there is a high leak it may be automatically turning off due to the leakage.
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