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Devilbiss IntelliPAP DV53D Standard Plus with SmartFlex

Model: DV53D
Devilbiss IntelliPAP DV53D Standard Plus with SmartFlex
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DeVilbiss IntelliPAP DV53D is discontinued. Respshop recommends ResMed AirStart 10 CPAP  as a replacement .

DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Standard Plus with SmartFlex

The IntelliPAP Standard Plus is a versatile CPAP device that is capable of delivering advanced comfort and reporting. With a 5 year warranty to back up the IntelliPAP's durability and advanced technology, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best therapy and comfort on the market.

SmartFlex Technology

DeVilbiss brings enhanced comfort with a twist that sets it apart from other exhalation relief competitors. SmartFlex includes 3 levels of personalized pressure reduction and 6 different rounding options for the transition between inhalation to exhalation. Pressure is lowered on exhalation by 1 cm H20 per level enabling you to breathe significantly easier against therapy pressure. However what sets SmartFlex apart from other exhalation relief technology is the InteilliPAP's transitional rounding feature. Transitional Rounding pro-actively mitigates the experience of adverse IPAP/EPAP pressure changes. The pressure drop from exhalation and the subsequent increase back to the prescribed setting can disrupted the sleep cycle. Many other CPAP devices struggle during the transition and lose much of their exhalation relief benefits. SmartFlex with Flow Rounding technology ensures a seamless pressure comfort experience.

Advanced Therapy Tracking

Sleep Data is critical component of effective sleep apnea therapy in order to improve therapy effectiveness and compliance. The IntelliPAP records advanced data such as non-response, apnea/hypopneas, snoring and exhale puff event detection. You can utilize SmartCode or the optional SmartLink Therapy Management software to view and download your sleep data on IntelliPap's expansive reporting abilities. Quick View readings can be accessed through SmartCode online reporting.


SmartCode is a unique but simple way to review your sleep data without the need of additional software. The IntelliPAP generates an encrypted code for each therapy session that you have. Each message contains the results of your sleep therapy. You can confirm compliance using the Adherence Score while Doctors will use the Adherence percentage score to determine whether you are in compliance with the CPAP LCD (Local Coverage Determination).

Battery Backup Option

The IntelliPAP has separate connections for AC and DC power enabling a backup battery connection configuration. The AC power cord is included with the IntelliPAP but a DC power cord must be purchased separately. In order to set up the IntelliPAP in a backup battery configuration you must plug the AC and DC power cords into their respective power sources. The IntelliPAP will run on AC power source until it fails in which case it will switch to the DC power source as a backup. Once the AC power source is restored it will switch back to the default AC power source. It is important to note that the humidifier does not work with a DC power source and it will simply act as a passover when on DC power.

Default Settings

  • SmartFlex: On/Full Time
  • Ramp: On
  • Ramp Time: 20 mins
  • Ramp Pressure: 4cm H2O
  • Auto-Off: Off
  • Auto-On: Off

Key Features

  • SmartFLex Technology - Provides Pressure Relief with Flow Rounding Technology ensuring seamless pressure comfort
  • Advanced Therapy Tracking - Tracks and records advanced data such as non-response, apnea/hypopneas, snoring and exhale puff event detection
  • SmartCode - Unique encrypted code contains the results of your therapy
  • Battery Backup Option - Can be configured to an AC/DC power source providing backup up battery source
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment - Automatically adjusts pressure up to 9000ft
  • Ramp Technology - Starts pressure at low levels and gently increase to prescribed pressure over a duration of 45min in 5min increments


Reviewers Tip:

The IntelliPAP can store up to 90 days of therapy data and 3 years of usage data, so you will have plenty of onboard memory to store important data for you and your physician.


How often are SmartCodes generated?

SmartCodes generate Adherence report based on the best consecutive thirty days of usage, and can be generated based on the following calendar schedule: 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, cumulative.

Will I receive any firmware updates?

Yes, DeVilbiss does offer free firmware updates for the IntelliPAP series of CPAP machines. When you have downloaded the firmware update from the DeVilbiss website and connect the IntelliPAP to your PC and upload the new firmware. The cable connects to the back of the CPAP device and to any PC serial port. You do need a PC serial port in order to update the firmware for your CPAP device.

How long does the warranty last?

DeVilbiss provides a 5 year manufacturers warranty on their devices.


Return on warranty issues only.

RX Required.

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