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Breas Vivo 30 BiPAP with Humidifier

Breas Vivo 30 BiPAP with Humidifier

Model: Vivo30
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Non-Invasive BiPAP Respiratory Therapy Machine for Sleep Apnea

Thanks to its advanced technology, the Breas Vivo 30 BiPAP is a non-invasive machine for respiratory therapy. Whether used at home or in a clinic, the Vivo 30 controls your pressure through eSync technology. The Vivo will synchronize with your breathing patterns to allow for smooth and comfortable inhales and exhales, reducing pressure that other BiPAP machines in the Vivo's class may cause.

eSync Trigger Technology

Every breath during CPAP therapy can be different, the Breas eSync technology will analyze your patterns on a breath by breath basis and synchronize with each breath, delivering the optimal amount of pressure required in order to help with your comfort and therapy. eSync will increase your comfort and performance during your sleep apnea therapy.

PC Software

Advanced software allows for you to upload your information onto your PC to help monitor and improve user treatment. The Breas Vivo 30 will monitor your sleep apnea compliance data and can be uploaded to the Breas software program, where it can be analyzed by yourself or your healthcare provider and doctor to help maximize the effectiveness of your BiPAP therapy.

Integrated Humidification

Humidification is a comfort feature for BiPAP therapy. Humidifiers will help control the temperature in your tube and your mask and are most beneficial in extreme climates where the weather can reach cold temperatures. Dry mouth or a dry nasal area are common side effects of CPAP therapy, and humidifiers can help eliminate or reduce the irritation that you can receive from rainout in the tube.

Quiet Performance

The Breas Vivo 30 will operate at less than 30 decibels during BiPAP therapy, which is a bonus feature for you and your partner. Quiet machines will allow you to rest peacefully throughout the night during use.

User Friendly Interface

A large screen that can be operated in two different modes, the interface is perfect for at home users or for user care. There is also a built in alarm clock that makes the Vivo a do it all machine that is ergonomic and small enough to sit on your bedside table, while eliminating the need for things such as alarm clocks, reducing clutter.

Key Features

  • eSync Trigger Technology - Analyses each breath to deliver optimal amount of pressure, for pressure relief
  • PC Software - Upload information onto your PC for monitoring and improved compliance
  • Integrated Humidification - Integrated for portability and compactness, reduces common CPAP irritations
  • Quiet Performance - Operates at less than 30 decibels for quit performance
  • User Friendly Interface - Easy to navigate menu also features alarm clock reducing clutter
  • Ramp Feature - Starts pressure at lower levels and gently increases to prescribed pressure over time


Reviewers Tip:

You should always use distilled water for your humidifier during use. Distilled water will prevent calcium build up in the water chamber. Calcium and other materials that build up in your chamber can cause damage and force you to purchase replacement water chambers more frequently. You should also always empty your chamber each morning and refill with fresh water so that your machine is operating at its peak.


Can I purchase replaceable filters for my Brias Vivo BiPAP?

Yes, we have two different filter options available for this BiPAP machine. Disposable filters that can no be cleaned, and reusable washable filters that should be cleaned weekly in order for your Breas Vivo 30 to perform at optimum levels during BiPAP therapy.

What type of tubing do I need to purchase?

All of the tubes we sell for CPAP and BiPAP therapy are compatible with all of the machines we sell. Manufacturers have standardized the cuffs on the tubes at 22 millimeters to ensure that you can purchase any type and length of tubing you prefer.



Return on warranty issues only.

Model Vivo30
HCPCS Code E0471+A9279
  Breath Rate 4 to 40 BPM
  Humidifier 1 to 9, (10 to 30 mgH2O/L)
  Operation Modes PSV (Pressure Support Ventilation), PCV (Pressure Control Ventilation), CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
  Power 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  Sound Pressure Level (at 10 cmH2O constant pressure): Less than 30 dB(A)
  Modes PSV (Pressure Support Ventilation) PCV (Pressure Control Ventilation) CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
  Humidifier Settings Optional, 1 to 9, (10 to 30 mgH2 O/L)
  Filters Reusable pollen, combination fine
  Pressure Range IPAP/EPAP - 4 - 30 cmH2O / 2 - 20 cmH2O or IPAP -2 cmH2O
  Ramp Time 10 - 60 min.
  Dimensions 7.5 W x 8.9 H x 8.8 D inches
  Weight 6.8 lbs with Humididfier
  Weight with Humidifier Intergrated (Optional), 1.4 kg (3.09 lbs)
  Sound/Noise Level (at 10 cmH2O constant pressure): Less than 30 dB(A)
  Humidifier Included Optional
  Flow Rates Max - greater than 200 litres/min
  Smartphone App N/A
  Color Gray
  Warranty 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  AC Power 100 to 240 V AC
  DC Compatible 12/24 V
  Extra Features Compatible with all standard Cpap masks
  • Breas Vivo 30
  • AC Power Cord
  • Starter Filters
  • Heated humidifier (optional)
  • Standard Tubing
  • Travel Bag
  • User Manual
Gale T
Date Added: 09/17/2018
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 09/17/2018

This machine is so Hi-Tech but yet not complicated. I feel like I am getting the best possible treatment and I love it.

Date Added: 08/27/2014
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 08/27/2014

VIVO30 the BiLevel CPAP machine made in Sweden but is owned by GE, has all the features one needs for CSA or severe sleep disorders. It has three ventilation modes: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV) and Pressure Control Ventilation (PCV) all in one machine. It helps me to breathe easily while asleep with their highly responsive Trigger technology.

The machine has built-in alarm clock, and an optional humidifier that keeps me from getting dry mouth, since I am using a full face mask. With this machine, I could also switch it to CPAP mode. I like the hose connection that allows my hose to swivel with movement and not get tangled up like some other machines; and that the big screen lets me read the menu without squinting.

Nice and quiet machine.

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it is $2695.00 here is the link to the item
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