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Transcend Auto Portable CPAP with EZEX Pressure Relief

Model: 503065
Transcend Auto Portable CPAP with EZEX Pressure Relief Transcend Auto Portable CPAP with EZEX Pressure Relief Transcend Auto Portable CPAP with EZEX Pressure Relief
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Reliable Travel Auto CPAP Machine

With an updated design, the Transcend EZEX Auto CPAP now comes equipped with exhalation relief for a better and more comfortable night's sleep. Thanks to being lightweight and portable, the Transcend EZEX Auto CPAPs is easy to travel with for adventurers who are on the move looking to bring their sleep apnea relief anywhere. Universal battery outlets are included with every purchase to ease the stress of international travel. Differing from its Transcend EZEX the Transcend EZEX Auto Travel CPAP can automatically adjust pressure levels for every breath, depending on the users current needs while relieving potential stress for those who do not know their perfect comfort settings. CPAP Masks are sold separately. As with all of the CPAP machines sold at Respshop, we provide full warranty support during the two year manufacturer's warranty . Please call 1-866-936-3754 or email [email protected] for any questions or concerns.

Pressure Relief during Exhalation

Replicating a normal breathing pattern, the pressure relief function stops incoming air on an exhale, resuming again on inhale in order to provide maximum comfort.

User Friendly PC Software

PC only software comes with every Transcend Auto Travel CPAP with EZEX Pressure Relieve in order to provide users the ability to transfer, analyze and store their data on any PC for personal or physician use.

Optional Heated Humidifier or Waterless Humidifier has two separate options available for attachable humidifiers for the Transcend Auto EZEX CPAP. The heated humidifier comes with a dishwasher safe water chamber, but a Waterless humidifier is also available for purchase. Both Transcend CPAP humidifier options are sold separately.


This Transcend Auto CPAP used with a humdifier will add enough size to the machine and cause it to be similar to size of your standard home CPAP machine.

Default Settings

  • Auto Mode: On
  • Pressure Range: 4 - 20 cm H2O
  • EZEX: Off
  • Ramp: Off

Key Features

  • Superior Pressure Relief - Replicates normal breathing pattern to providing maximum comfort
  • Portability - Smallest CPAP on the market, with a total weight of less than 1lb
  • Easy to Use Software - Enables easy transference of therapy data to PC for analysing
  • Ramp Feature - Starts therapy at lower pressure levels and gently increase to prescribed pressure over time
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment - Automatically adapts pressure to varying altitudes

Reviewers Tip:

Some people are more comfortable with a non-automatic CPAP machine because they know what settings are most comfortable. As a new CPAP user, I purchased the Transcend Auto EZEX CPAP so that the machine could adjust my pressure based on my needs that may change often during a normal night's sleep.

Video on how to set up your machine.


Do I need to do a sleep study to know what settings I should have my Transcend set to?

The automatic function on the Transcend Auto CPAP will change your pressure settings on every breath adjusting to your pressure needs and saving the data so that you can view your information each morning after use.

I am used to having a humidifier with my CPAP, are there options available for this machine?

Yes, has two different options that are available separately so that you can continue to use a humidifier. While neither of the humidifiers come with the original purchase, you can choose between a heated humidifier or a waterless humidifier depending on your personal preferences.

Can I charge the battery pack while it is connected to my Transcend?

Yes, the Transcend EZEX battery can be recharged with the AC power supply or mobile power adaptor while delivering therapy. The Portable Solar Battery Charger will also recharge Transcend batteries, but it cannot be used during therapy.


The Transcend Auto EZEX CPAP is the automatic version of the Transcend EZEX CPAP . Both provide new features and are an upgrade for the Transcend II Travel CPAP.


Return on manufacturer's warranty only

RX Required.

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