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Breas iSleep 20i Auto CPAP System

Model: 207016, 211016HUM
Breas iSleep 20i Auto CPAP System
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Affordable sleep apnea therapy device with an alarm clock.

The Breas iSleep 20i Auto CPAP System offers an innovative solution to all your sleep apnea needs. The iSleep 20i is the perfect device for patients who travel often. The device comes with a built-in clock and alarm clock, and it has international power capabilities as well, for those who like to spend time abroad. Like other leading CPAP machines, the Breas iSleep 20i monitors your breathing habits, and the device's removable memory card can easily be transferred to your doctor for up to the minute medical analysis.

Records Breathing Habits

Breas built the iSleep 20i with a removable memory card so that your data could be conveniently tracked and distributed to your physician. The detailed patient log will record your breathing patterns, and note abnormal breathing habits. Memory card is not included.

User Friendly Controls

The Breas iSleep 20i's user interface is easy to use. The Breas CPAP device comes with big buttons and an LED screen, allowing you to quickly operate the device in the dark.

Comfortable Design

The Breas iSleep 20i CPAP machine comes with an unobtrusive rear hose connection and will fit to most types of masks.

Key Features

  • User Friendly Controls - Simple to use with large buttons and an easy display LED screen
  • Ergonomic Design - Features a rear hose connection, compact design and alarm clock for hassle free use
  • Ramp Feature - Starts pressure at lower levels and gently increases pressure to prescribed levels over a 60min window

Reviewers Tip:

The humifidier (sold separately) effectively combats rainout and allows you to

Breas iSleep 20i Auto CPAP System: Setup and Filter Replacement


Does this device come with ramp technology?

Yes, the iSleep 20i comes with a self adjusting ramp.

Can this product be washed in a dishwasher?

We always recommend washing sleep apnea devices manually.

RX Required.

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