Philips DreamStation CPAP Humidifier Flip Lid Latch
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Philips DreamStation CPAP Humidifier Flip Lid Latch

Model: 1121569
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Replacement Flip Lid Latch for DreamStation Humidifier.


1.  Remove the Water Chamber Assembly
2.  Pull the Back Panel away from the Humidifier while lifting up on the top
     to release the Back Panel tab from the latch area.
3. Remove the Back Assembly and open the Flip Lid
4. Push up on the 2 Latch tabs and pull the Latch out of the Humidifier Assembly
5. Align the Latch into the Bottom Assembly grooves
6. Push up on the Latch tabs while pushing the Latch until it clicks into place
7. Verify the Flip Lid latches into place
8. Align the Back Panel onto the bottom Assembly
9. Secure the Back Panel with the four screws
10. Verify the Back Panel is fully seated and secure
Model 1121569
HCPCS Code E1399
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The latch on my dreamstation humidifier no longer latches so the lid opens and causes a huge air leak. I have to put something heavy on it to hold it down. Would the flip lid latch replacement work in this case?
It depends on which dream station you have, are you referring to the dreamstation 1 or Dreamstation 2?. This is for the dream station 1, if you look at photo 2 it shows the internal part that goes into the blower to help seal the latch due to wear. It will help secure the lid down. In some cases it works if this is the issue at hand.
My Dreamstation humidifier lid latch still opens and closes but without a spring or pop like it used to. Will a new latch change that or is it likely an internal spring issue?
The latch could very well be the concern. This would be your best choice in addressing the issue as the latch may no longer be catching and holding like it used to.
Need new spring. How do i order
I am sorry, the manufacturer doesn't sell that item separately. Unfortunately, you would have to purchase the entire humidifier.
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