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Respironics System One DS660 BiPAP Pro with Bi-Flex and Heated Humidifier
Model: DS660HS, DS660TS,DS660S

Respironics System One DS660 BiPAP Pro with Bi-Flex and Heated Humidifier
Respironics System One DS660 BiPAP Pro with Bi-Flex and Heated Humidifier
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Available Options:

Tubing: Heated Tubing - DS660TS - $1,568.00
Plastic Tubing - DS660HS - $1,534.00
No Humidifier - DS660S - $1,373.35
Extended Warranty:  

Respironics 660 BiPAP Review

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Respironics System One 60 Series BiPAP for Sleep Apnea Therapy

Brought to you by Philips Respironics, the 660 System One Pro is a fixed pressure BiPAP that will deliver exceptional sleep apnea therapy during use. With BiFlex Technology, an Auto Trak Algorithm and an integrated heated humidifier with optional heated tubing, you can expect your BiPAP to perform at optimum levels during use while also delivering consistent comfort throughout the night. The 660 is a lightweight BiPAP that is extremely quiet, which is ideal for you and your partner during CPAP therapy.


In order to maintain your therapy at an effective yet comfortable pressure, Respironics created their BiFlex technology which will analyze your breathing patterns on a breath by breath basis. BiFlex will track your breathing and change pressure automatically during your exhale and inhales to ensure that you are consistently being delivered a pressure that will uphold your CPAP therapy, but reduce the pressure that users may experience during exhales. BiFlex will help simulate a breathing pattern that is normal and comfortable.

Advanced Detection of Sleep Apnea Events

The 660 will track data on your snores during BiPAP therapy and your breathing and other respirator related arousals such as AHI and limitations from flow. Auto Trak and BiFlex will monitor and track your breathing during therapy, recording your information on the hard drive and SD card to help with your ability to monitor your data. All Respironics CPAP and BiPAP machines come with an SD card which will allow you to upload your information to any PC or share your information with your physician or healthcare providers so that changes to your therapy can be made as needed.

Integrated Heated Humidifier

A comfort feature, many CPAP therapy users find humidifiers as a necessary add on in harsh environments. The Respironics System One 60 Series humidifier has three different humidity levels to allow you to choose and change as necessary in order to provide the maximum amount of comfort during your therapy. You can also purchase optional heated tubing which has five different temperature levels ranging from four degrees to sixteen degrees. Heated humidification and heated tubing will reduce or completely eliminate excess moisture in your tube and mask which can lead to a common CPAP side effect known as rainout. Rainout can cause you to experience discomfort after CPAP therapy, most notably a sore throat or a dry nose dependent upon your mask.

Resistance Control

A function that is specific to the Respironics 60 Series, resistance control will identify the type of CPAP mask you using and automatically adjust its pressure so that you will receive the optimal pressure setting during your sleep apnea therapy.

Ultra Quiet and Portable Machine

The 660 weighs less than 7 pounds which makes it an ideal travel companion for CPAP users. Respironics has also designed the 60 series machines to be noise free so that you and your partner can experience a noiseless sleep during your therapy.

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Key Features

BiFlex - Analyses breathing patterns to simulate normal and comfortable breathing patterns for pressure relief
Advanced Detection - Track data on sleep events recording information on SD card to initiate improved compliance
Integrated Heated Humidifier - Integrates humidifier for a smaller foot pring, significantly reduces common CPAP irritations
Resistance Control - Identifies mask type and automatically adjusts pressure for optimal delivery
Ultra Quiet - Operates at whisper quiet levels for a comfortable night of sleep
Portable - Compact frame, weighs less then 7lbs making it perfect for travel
Ramp Feature - Starts pressure at lower settings gently increases to prescribed pressure levels over a 45min window in 5min increments
Portable - Compact frame, weighs less then 7lbs making it perfect for travel
Automatic Altitude Compensaion - Adjusts pressure automatically to adapt to varying altitudes

Reviewers Tip:

Humidifiers are great if you live in a cold or dry environment where your CPAP therapy can cause you to experience discomfort after use. The Respironics 60 Series Humidifier, combined with the heated tubing, provides a wealth of temperatures and humidity levels which helps increase comfort for individual users. You should always use distilled water in any type of humidifier for best results.

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Connecting Tubing to the Humidifier

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How can I analyze my CPAP therapy data?

Respironics provides an SD card with all of their 60 series CPAP machines which can be uploaded to any PC to help you monitor data. The 660 also comes with an easy to use and ready LCD display that will store your seven and thirty day averages as well as other important sleep apnea therapy information.

How often should I be replacing my filters?

There are two different types of filters, a reusable and washable filter that should be replaced every six months and washed weekly. There is also a disposable filter that cannot be cleaned and should be discarded every six to twelve weeks dependent upon your environment. You should check your Respironics 60 Series filters every week to see when it is time to replace them in order to ensure that your CPAP machine is performing at its peak to deliver you your sleep apnea therapy.


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Available Accessories

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No Refunds, Returns or Exchanges on Open Products Except for Warranty/RMA process or Mask Assurance.

Product Specifications



Pressure Range:

4 to 25 cm H2O

Ramp Time:

0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments)

Starting Ramp Pressure:

4 up to EPAP pressure; user adjustable

Dimensions Including Humidifier:

10.25 L x 6.8 W x 4 H

Dimensions in Travel Case:

14.5 L x 7.5 W x 8.25 H

Weight Including Humidifier and Power Supply:

4.5 lbs


Pollen and optional ultra-fine


LCD/Keypad and Encore Pro SD Card

Data Storage (minimum):

7 and 30 day averages, SD Card: 6 months a 3 usage sessions per day

Data Storage Content:

SD Card and on board memory, Date/time, hours of use, usage patterns, Compliance Monitoring, Breathing detection,, AHI, leak, snore

Altitude Adjustment:


Power Requirements:

100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Integrated Heated Humidifier and Pass-over Humidifier

DC Power:

Direct connect cord (sold separately), 12 VDC


2 Year Manufacturer

Special User Features:

Lighted LEDs, Auto on/off, mask off alert

  • System One BiPAP Pro with Bi-Flex
  • Respironics System One Integrated Heated Humidifier (optional)
  • Extra air filter
  • Canvas Carry Bag
  • 6-feet standard breathing tube or heated tubing
  • Encore Pro SD Card
  • User Manual and Quick-Setup Guide
  • AC Power Cord
by Tasha H Date Added: Friday 22 August, 2014
Oh yeah!! I was diagnosed with sleep apnea that seemed to be more along the lines of severe more so than obstructive. My physician instructed me to get a CPAP BiPAP machine but I didn't listen to him at first and had to shell out a little bit more money to get this specific one he wrote down on the Rx. It was amazing from the beginning and it helped me sleep. I thought I had become reliant on this that my sex-life with my husband went to shambles but then I realized that CPAP not only stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure but it can also mean "Can Put Away Promptly. Its not a permanent fixture. Its like a piece of clothing you can take off and put back on. I love it and now my life with him is normal.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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