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The EasyLife Nasal Mask with Headgear

Revolutionary Nasal CPAP Mask
Respironics EasyLife's dual-cushioned mask is designed to make fitting easy with its lightweight design and Auto Seal technology. Its soft cushion also creates a self-adjusting seal while maintaining its stability. The butterfly headgear comes with comfortable and intuitive straps, which makes putting this mask on easy. The EasyLife's novel Auto Seal design offers an innovative solution to sealing the mask. The outer cushion rests gently against your face while it's actually the inner seal that presses against your nose and prevents leaks. Respironics EasyLife CPAP Mask is comfortable and does not have pressure points, meaning it won't give you red marks on your face. This CPAP mask will automatically adjust and seal which combines comfort with performance!

Enhanced Fit With Auto Seal
Unlike most CPAP masks, Respironics designed the EasyLife nasal mask with a different kind of seal in mind. Most masks use the outer membrane to seal the mask, but that can press uncomfortably against your face. To solve this problem, Respironics designed the soft inner cushion to automatically adjust. The new system relies on a cushion clip to hold the EasyLife's Auto Seal system cushion to the mask's frame and forehead support. The result is an effective sealed cushion that lets you toss and turn without interrupting your therapy. The EasyLife mask includes optional clips, the single cushion clip holds the mask in place maintaining the same fit while making it easy to remove. 

Micro Ports
For the EasyLife CPAP mask, Respironics decreased the exhalation ports size of each individual air port, making room for a greater number of ports, and consequently, more ventilation. The new design of the Respironics EasyLife Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear is quiet and won't disturb you or your bed partner as you sleep, making your CPAP therapy even easier. 

Easy to Use Headgear
The Easy Life Headgear straps come in two sizes: standard and reduced size. The butterfly headgear design will fit your head comfortably, and the soft straps will let you sleep on your side or on your back. The headgear has 5 points of adjustment which includes a crown adjustment so you get the fit you need.  The Easylife nasal mask head gear should not be tightened to much as it should fit comfortably so it can create mobility from the system to the frame. 

Key Features

  • Comes in Five Sizes
  • Latex Free
  • Simple Adjustments

Reviewers Tip:
Don't worry about the air pockets around the outer membrane: they're supposed to be there, and they won't compromise your seal.

Frames come in different sizes for different cushions:

  • Petite, Small/Medium, and Medium Wide/Large.
Inner cushion sizes are:  Petite, Small, Medium, Medium Wide, and Large.
Outer cushion sizes are:  Petite, Small/Medium, and Medium Wide/Large.

EasyLife Introduction


If the inner cushion seals the EasyLife CPAP Mask​, what does the outer membrane do?

The outer membrane will rest gently against your face, and won't press into it. It provides support and stability.

Will I need to replace the inner or outer cushions?

Yes, we recommend that you replace your cushions every couple of weeks or so.

How many frame sizes are there for the EasyLife mask?

There are three frame sizes: Petite (only fits Petite cushion)

                                              Small/Medium (fits small and medium cushions)

                                              Medium Wide/Large (fits MW and L cushions)

Technical Data
1050000, 1050001, 1050002, 1050003, 1050004
A7034, A7035
30 days
Item Includes
  • Respironics EasyLife CPAP Nasal Mask Cushion and Support - 1050092(M)
  • Respironics EasyLife Mask Headgear - 1050087
  • Respironics EasyLife Headgear Clips - 2 Pack - 1050097
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Leomar P
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This is a very good mask, has a very good seal also. Super light and soft plus its cheaper from my old mask that I got somewhere else. The softness of the headgear allows me to sleep on my side without discomfort. Best of all the butterfly headgear, I can still read while I have my mask on.
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3 of 5 Stars!
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Head band is comfortable, seems like a masks should be designed in half sizes, for example medium; medium-large; large would be a good improvement, current mask is just a bit uncomfortable as a medium
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I switched from using New M Easylife Mask #10500002 about three years ago to a full facemask but since I had my upper teeth removed last month I've gotten a horrible mask seal. Any suggestions on a replacement nasal mask?

In this case we suggest you try under the nose Dreamwear nasal masks ( The headgear will pull the cushion up against your nose so it may have less leaks. Try it, we have 30 day return guaranteee!

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The Philips Easylife dual cushion nasal mask is shown as discontinued. Can you recommend a comparable mask? I really like the dual cushion style

The closest thing to this one would the Fisher and Paykel Flexifit: HC405A

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