Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask

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Forma Full Face Mask - With Headgear

Fisher and Paykel designed the Forma with your comfort in mind. The Forma full face mask is built with an inner foam cushion that contours around your face for a secure and comfortable fit. The outer seal of the Forma Full Face CPAP Mask is silicone, allowing for a leak resistant surface, while the headgear comes with forehead support and two straps. One strap wraps around your forehead, and the other tucks under your ears. The two straps attach in the back for a secure fit, ensuring that you're able to toss and turn without loosening the mask.

Glider Strap

The Glider Straps secure the front of the Forma CPAP mask to the headgear. You can release the strap easily with the Easy-Release cord technology that works to let you put your mask on and take it off without needing to adjust the fit.

Comfortable Fit Without Blemishes

Fisher and Paykel's FlexiFoam cushion technology is a highly contoured silicone seal that automatically adjusts to different facial shapes. The different sized masks are built to comfortably fit faces of all shapes and sizes. As well as the cushion allowing for active contouring, it also allows a great cushion seal. In addition to this, the forehead support adds stability, helping the CPAP user to have a greater range of movement and a night of comfortable sleep.

Key Features

  • Latex Free
  • Fastens Snugly
  • Comes in Three Sizes (small, medium & large, extra large)
Material List
  • Mask Base Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Elbow Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Glider Strap Nylon (PA)
  • Glider Clip Acetal (POM)
  • Forehead Cushion Silicone
  • Seal Silicone
  • Cushion Polyurethane foam
  • Headgear Breathe-o-preneTM (Lycra / Polyurethane foam laminate)

Reviewers Tip:

Some users have reported that they get a more comfortable fit without some of the removable foam inserts.

Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask


Is there a 'for her' model?

No, Fisher and Paykel makes three unisex mask sizes: large, medium, and small.

Can I use my CPAP Machine?
Most CPAP machines and tubing will be compatible with this mask. With the exception of the AirMini travel machine, this mask will fit with your CPAP machine and tubing.

Technical Data
400471A, 400473A, 400470A
8 oz
30 days
Size Gauge
Item Includes
  • Full Face
  • Headgear
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Dennis A
(Verified Purchase)
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I had to replace this with a ResMed Activa LT. While there is a claim that the foam enables closure, I found that with 'medium' it closed around the nose but did not go over the chin. With the large, it got under the chin (an essential) but there was too much space alongside my nose to prevent leaks. And it was unpleasantly tight to effect any closure. I struggled initially with the ResMed Activa LT until it was pointed out to me that you leave it LOOSER and when the air starts to blow the silicon skirt is driven by air forward to a soft complete closure. When you turn in the night you will have some leaking which you may have to adjust (again by pulling it away or maneuvering sideways, not dragging it on hard.

I had ordered this mask because I did not realise that ResMed mask would also fit my F&P machine.

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Stephen M
(Verified Purchase)
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I found it difficult to get mouth fit with this mask & it kept on leaking all night. I could use it well only for 2 nights when I tried to pull the strap tight, but after waking up I got marks all over my face, especially bad on the forehead. After using this for 2 weeks I decide to change for other type of full face mask.
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Caroline S
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Do I need any thing else with this mask for sleep apnea.
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Will this head gear and mask replacement comparable with the 400HC122?

Yes, this will be compatible with 400HC122 foam liners.

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