SleepStyle 608 Thermosmart CPAP Machine with Built In Heated Humidifier

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This product is discontinued. See the latest model ICON+ Auto CPAP .

The SleepStyle 608 aims to please with its ThermoStat technology and unique heated tube that provides optimal levels of humidity consistently. Altitude and leak compensation ensures optimal pressure delivery at any altitude, and corrects any mask leaks for consistent pressure delivery. Rest assured SleepEasy 608 is an integrated CPAP machine and humidification at its best.

ThermoSmart Technology

Fisher adapted technology from intensive care humidification to provide users with customized, higher volume humidity merged with excellent sustainability. This provides unparalleled user comfort and bolsters therapy effectiveness by blocking condensation and securing consistent mask pressure stability.

Coil-heated ThermoSmart CPAP tube

ThermoSmarts heated tube reduces rain out and condensation significantly, by pro actively preventing water leakage and damage. This allows the device to deliver constant optimal levels of humidity thereby providing user comfort and ease of sleep.

Leak and Altitude Compensation

Fisher's SleepStyle is able to adapt at any altitude while maintaining optimal pressure delivery. This device is also able to automatically correct and pro-actively prevents mask leaks providing unequaled comfort.

Key Features

  • ThermoSmart CPAP Tube - Heated tube reduces rain out and condensation pro-actively
  • Built in Humidifier - Integrated humidifier provides relief for common CPAP therapy irritations
  • Compliance Maximizer Software - Accurate tracks compliance, provides actionable data
  • Compact, Ergonomic design - Minimizes physical footprint, giving you more space
  • Ramp Technology - Starts pressure at lower levels, gently increases to prescribed pressure over a 30min duration

Reviewers Tip:

Remember, the water chamber is dishwasher safe.

This item is discontinued.


  • What is the pressure range on this device?
    • The pressure ranges from 4 to 18.5cm H20.
  • What type of filters are used on this device?
    • Polyester Fiber.
  • What is the ramp time on this device?
    • The ramp time is 0 to 30 min.
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Technical Data
E0601, E0562
Item Includes
  • Sleepstyle 608 Thermosmart CPAP Machine with Humidifier Chamber
  • Heated Hose 6 ft
  • Travel Case
  • 2 extra Filters
  • Funnel
  • User Manual
  • Power Cord
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Roszanne D
Was this helpful?
I have the pleasure of owning 2 of these C-Pap's one I have at home and the other at my works place wish I sleep at 6 nights in a fortnight and I also travel with this one as well. It's very quiet ABC to use and gives me a great sleep. I highly recommend it.
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