Philips Pico Nasal CPAP Mask
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Philips Pico Nasal CPAP Mask

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Pico Nasal Mask by Respironics

Lightweight Nasal Mask

The Pico Nasal Mask with Headgear from Respironics is one of the lightest and smallest traditional nasal CPAP masks on the market. The Pico offers simplicity and comfort with a secure fit. The straps won't rest uncomfortably against your face and provide minimal contact. Due to the mask's minimalist design, it consists of just a few simple parts that allow it to be attached and detached quickly from the mask frame. The Pico mask also features a supportive forehead pad and a narrow connecting bridge that won't disrupt your line of sight: it's so small, you can wear the mask with glasses! If you suffer from sleep apnea you may want to consider the Pico Nasal Mask.

Sizing Options

Size is no problem with the Pico Nasal CPAP Mask because there is a FitPack option which takes the guesswork out of choosing the correct size. Patients also have the option of choosing three different cushion sizes -- small/medium, large, and *extra-large. New users are invited to consult our sizing gauge to determine the appropriate size of mask for them.

*This mask comes in Extra-Large

Adjustable Headgear

The Pico's headgear is made from a soft fabric that won't irritate your face and offers simplicity. With the headgear including Velcro tabs that can be adjusted easily, it helps provide you with a personalized fit for your therapeutic needs. The crown-shaped headgear will offer users further stability while they're sleeping at night.

Dual Layered Cushion

The Pico cushion is composed of a high-quality silicone material and it features a dual-layered configuration with a soft nasal cushion. The outer layer seals against your face while you exhale the inner layer delivers enhanced support, and comfortably fits well keeping the mask sealed in its proper alignment. This mask is designed to provide simplicity comfort and seal above other masks on the market.

Pico mask components

  • Headgear: UBL / Urethane Foam / Nylon and Lycra
  • Frame: Polycarbonate
  • Cushion: Silicone / Polycarbonate, Latex free
  • Elbow: Polycarbonate
  • Headgear Clip: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
  • Swivel: Polycarbonate
  • System One resistance control (X1)

Key Features

  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Comes in Three Sizes
  • Offers FitPack for Easy Fit
  • Soft, Comfortable Straps and Cushion
  • Minimal Contact with the Face

Reviewers Tip:

The FitPack is an option that allows users to purchase the Pico and receive all three cushion sizes, allowing you to determine the best fit for your facial features.


Does this CPAP mask come in a full-face design?

The Pico is a nasal mask only at this point.

Is this the lightest mask on the market?

It's one of the top two or three. The exact weights will depend on the size of your cushion, but this is the lightest mask that Respironics has ever made.

How should I clean the Pico?

We've found that users find it easiest and most convenient to clean their masks while they're taking a shower. Simply use warm and soapy water on the mask, and you'll be able to clean it without disrupting your daily routine.

Model 1104940, 1104915, 1104916, 1104917
HCPCS Code A7034/A7035
Warranty 90 days

Products included


  • Fit Pack Product Include
  • 3 Different cushions (Small/Medium, Large, Extra Large)
  • Standard Headgear- 1104934


4.7rating Based on 11 reviews
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Angela 04/17/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

This is a very nice, lightweight mask. The design is really simple, the entire strap headgear is one part and it’s just threaded through the nose mask. I’ll go over the main points of this mask but TLDR: it’s very comfortable and easy to use.

Ease of use- There’s no fancy setup needed with this mask as it’s a straightforward system. No type of magnetic clasp or quick release system so taking it off might not be as easy as other masks, but I didn’t find this to be impactful in any way. Also, if you order the Fitpack you’ll get all three sizes of nose cushions so that lets you play around with what fits you the best.

Comfortability- As I mentioned, the headgear is a very light, cloth system that goes around your head. It has four straps which can all be adjusted, so I had no problem finding a perfect fit (and you shouldn’t either). What this all means is that at night, the mask feels incredibly lightweight and comfortable. The nose bridge is nice and thin too so I have no problems wearing my reading glasses when I’m reading in bed. Forehead contact is good too, it spreads out the force and doesn’t leave any kind of imprint.

Performance- NO leakage detected which is always great. I only had faint red lines the first night but I made some adjustments and now I don’t have any of those problems. A subtle feature I appreciated is that the air doesn’t vent straight into my eyes like on a past mask I had. That really helped me get some more restful sleep.

Jennifer B 05/04/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

I really like Respironics masks and lightweight masks so when I saw the Pico, it seemed like a match made in heaven. I’ve been using it for a month now and I have nothing but positives to say. It barely feels like it’s even there when I’m sleeping.

There isn’t much to the mask other than the headgear and the cushion, but I think the cushion is fantastic. Fitpack option is a must and one of the reasons I like Respironics products so much. The Fitpack comes with all three cushion sizes so you can practically guarantee you’ll find the rest one. No leakage or red line issues in my time using it, and it’s pretty easy to clean.

Really soft minimal headgear is nice. The material is like a thick, almost velour type cloth that’s very comfortable. It does get a little hot though. The adjustment straps are Velcro which I know is always a durability concern, but the bottom straps clip into the cushion so I just take it off using that anyways. I guess my only concern would be the nose bridge support, on some other model masks I used in the past, that part would sometimes break. Haven’t had any issues yet so as of now, the mask gets full marks.

Randall C 03/27/2015
5 of 5 Stars!

Finally a good mask from Philips that rivals the Wisp. German Shepherd decided he wanted to know what CPAP mask taste like or it looked like his toy so of course he broke it into pieces even Mcgyver himself couldn't piece back together. (dog was in for a treat) I decided to give this mask a try and it was worth every penny. Associate recommended it to me and it was a wise choice as it sits comfortably on my face. Cushion fits like the wisp so if you don't know your size this will help and they also have the fitpack.

Chan C(Verified Purchase) 08/14/2018
4 of 5 Stars!

This is my 2nd Pico nasal mask and it's very comfortable allowing me to sleep really well. Only draw back is at times the air will escape slightly. If I tighten my face will be pulled hard but slightly loosen air escape for a short while. But I still love this product!!

Scott H 10/14/2021
4 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Mostly good for me
I like the light weight and the band that goes over the top of my head to hold the upper straps in place.
The clasp system is difficult to navigate for me, and the XL mask still rides on the bridge of my rather large nose.

Keith C 07/26/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Old but good
I have been using this mask many years and and occasionally replacing from respshop. the mask has served me very well and it hasn't had any breakdowns or failures other than expected wear over time. it is comfortable too.

Maureen N 11/12/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Pico nasal mask
Wonderful!!.. I'm sleeping tossing and turning. I am on higher pressure, so I needed the support at nasal bridge-wisp leaked constantly..very happy..buying spare today, and it's so much more reasonably priced.

Brian M 03/06/2015
5 of 5 Stars!

This mask is a good mask. Comfortable mask and headgear. I will definitely recommend this mask to my friends.

Isabella P(Verified Purchase) 12/15/2016
4 of 5 Stars!

It is good to me. No air leakage but some time with condense water. Overall performance is very good.

KAM T(Verified Purchase) 11/02/2015
5 of 5 Stars!

A great mask, easy to wear, fit on my face and easy to clean. Highly recommend.

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