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Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Nasal CPAP Mask

SKU: 1110

Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Nasal CPAP Mask

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Eson 2 Nasal Mask

The Eson 2 is designed to meet the needs of users and sleep therapy professionals with every step through the CPAP therapy. The Eson 2 is built for performance and comfort whilst focusing on ease of use. With only three simple parts, the nasal CPAP mask is easy to clean and easy to assemble. The Eson 2 is quiet and has minimal draft allow for an uninterrupted sleep.


  • VisiBlue™ highlights key mask components which assist users with general use and placement when dissembling and reassembling the mask.
  • Washable diffuser which reduces noise and draft.
  • RollFit™ Seal delivers a more precise fit and prevents further pressure and discomfort on the bridge of the nose.
  • Easy Frame slimmer frame provides a clear line of sight.  While fitting all three cushion sizes and has Easy-Clip frame attachments that connect to the nasal mask.  
  • Intuitive Headgear redesigned for improved usability and fitting.  Traditional clip fitting method. Improved clip ergonomics.  Improved fasteners.  New VisiBlue top strap for easier user orientation.  New stretch over option.

Eson 2 Mask Sizes

It comes in size S (small cushion & small headgear), M (medium cushion & M/L headgear) and L (large cushion & M/L headgear).

It also comes in "FitPack" packaging, which has three cushions in different sizes: small, medium, large; and a M/L headgear.

Mask Fitting

  • Stretch over - for quick fit, mask stretches directly over your head
  • Hold the bottom grey straps with the mask facing downwards
  • Guide the headgear over your head so that the silicone seal is resting on your forehead
  • Place your hands on the straps either side of the mask
  • Pull out and downwards
  • Ensure the silicone seal rests over your nose, and the blue top strap is sitting on your forehead
  • Gently take the headgear strap of the mask headgear.  Starting with the blue top strap followed by the bottom straps.  

Fitting tips

  • If you experience seal leaks lift the silicone seal off your face and reposition it again
  • Ensure the headgear straps are not fastened too tightly
  • The forehead strap should rest horizontally on the forehead, just above the ears
  • A good fit is snug around the head and not too tight


  • Remove your mask by placing your hands on either side of the mask frame and pulling the silicone seal off your nose, and lifting the mask back over your head.
  • Unhook headgear clips from mask frame
  • Remove silicone seal, diffuser and the swivel from mask frame
  • Wash these parts in warm soapy water after every use
  • After washing, rinse all parts with fresh water
  • Once a week you should also wash your headgear and diffuser in warm soapy water
  • Do not soak all parts more than 10 minutes
  • Air dry all parts out of direct sunlight

Assemble your mask

  • Push the silicone seal onto mask frame, using the blue ring for orientation
  • Push the swivel onto the end of the elbow and place the diffuser onto the elbow, and place the diffuser onto the elbow.
  • Thread the forehead straps of the headgear through the slots of the mask frame
  • Hook the headgear clips back onto the mask frame

Mask Material List:

  • Frame and Elbow: Polycarbonate
  • Swivel and Seal: Polycarbonate Silicone
  • Headgear: Lycra / Polyurethane Foam Laminate
  • Headgear Clips: Acetal
  • Diffuser: Polycarbonate / Polyester Fiber

Please Note:  The Eson mask cushions are not compatible with the Eson 2 mask frame. SKU: 1110
  HCPCS Code A7034 A7035
  Mask with Headgear Weight 1.83 oz
  Frame Dimensions 4 x 2.44 x 0.50 inches
  Headgear Weight 1.09oz
  Warranty 30 days
  Extra Features Recommended for pressures 4-30 cm H20

Selected mask size:

  • Mask with Headgear
  • User Manual
FitPack Mask:
  • Mask with M/L Headgear
  • Cushion sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • User Manual

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by Robert R
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Monday 24 August, 2020

I am very pleased with my new mask. Previously, I used the original Eson nasal mask. My doctor suggested that I try this updated version with my new Philips Respironics Dream Station cpap machine. This one seals well with my mustache. The new design of the clear plastic piece that runs from the forehead and down the bridge of my nose is angled a little different than the original Eson. This seems to put better pressure onto the nasal cushion and creates a better, and more quiet seal. My wife noticed a big difference. In fact, it was so quiet the first night that she says she checked on the machine while I was sleeping to be sure it was powered on! THANK YOU !

by Sonny G
Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Monday 13 July, 2020

Top plastic on forehead is very delicate plastic. Mask works good if it wasn't for the weak design, need to go back to Original Eson, its made with thicker plastic around forehead area. I have had to replace 2 mask already due to same problem.

I am sorry to hear that. Please remember if your mask does not work for any reason you can contact us within 30 days for an exchange!
Your Respshop Team

by steven w
Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Thursday 16 April, 2020

this is the fifth time I have had to replace this piece. Its always the same plastic pieces that break, no matter how careful
i am. It is the piece of plastic at the top of the nose piece that touches the forhead. they need to be closed to strengthen them.

by Wayne A
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Monday 06 May, 2019

This is my third Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Nasal CPAP Mask, it is really comfortable to wear, easy to fit and adjust.

by Wayne A
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Wednesday 06 June, 2018

The Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 is a great mask, fits well, the defuser is quiet., this is the third one I have purchased, highly recommend it

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