ResMed AirTouch F20 For Her Full Face CPAP Mask

ResMed AirTouch F20 For Her Full Face CPAP Mask

Model: 63003, 63004
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AirTouch F20 For Her Full Face CPAP Mask

Memory Foam For Her
The underlying key difference between the AirTouch F20 and the AirFit F20 is that the AirTouch F20 utilizes a memory foam layer to create a seal on the face rather than the use of traditional silicone material. Unlike the standard silicone, the memory foam will not only be soft on the face, it also should provide a better seal which will further enhance your sleep therapy.

Disclaimer:  As the cushion is made of foam material, it unfortunately cannot be cleaned/washed the same way a traditional mask can. It is best advised to wipe down the cushion with alcohol-free mask wipes daily while replacing the cushion entirely after 30 days of consecutive usage.  Should you notice a quicker breakdown of material and deterioration prior 30 days elapsing then it is a clearcut sign that is time to replace the cushion sooner.

*Mask Frame fits ALL cushion sizes

InfinitySeal™ Full Face Cushion
The seal is designed to contour unique facial structures and for various pressures whilst providing a strong seal and providing the best apnea therapy throughout the night without the worry of leaks.

Multiple Headgear Sizes Available
The AirTouch™ F20 For Her is available in multiple sizes and there is a size gauge which can be printed off and used as a guide to determine which size would best suited for you. Size gauges can be used for headgear, frame and cushions for the AirTouch™ F20 For Her Mask.

The headgear is designed with violet color accents instead of the blue to help distinguish between the universal headgear and the For Her style headgear however the fit will still be similar. Also this headgear was designed for extra comfort and stability providing you with a better nights sleep. Magnetic clips are used to help guide the headgear to the frame easily.

Quick Release Elbow and Diffused Venting
The quick release elbow on the AirTouch™ F20 For Her mask can be removed from the tubing without having to remove the mask fully. If you need to get up during the night this means you don't have to worry about taking the mask off and re adjusting it when putting it back on, allowing you to make a quick reconnect to the tubing without disrupting your rest. 

Cushions Interchangeable


How often should you replace the AirTouch™ 20 mask?
In order for the mask to continue giving you the best sleep apnea therapy available, we recommend that you replace the silicone cushion every 1 month. Mask tubing should be every 3 months and headgear every 6 months.

How to find out what mask size you would need for the AirTouch™ 20 series?
The AirTouch™ series has a size gauge available to make sure you find the best fit for you.

Note: Magnetic clasps not recommended with Pacemakers

Model 63003, 63004
HCPCS Code A7030

AirTouch F20 For Her Mask System:
Magnetic Headgear Clips
Quick Releasing Elbow

In selected size
63003 Small Mask - 63473 For Her Headgear, 63024 For Her S Frame System, 63028 S Cushion
63004 Medium Mask - 63473 For Her Headgear, 63025 For Her M Frame System, 63029 M Cushion

*Mask system includes frame system + headgear & clips.
*Frame system includes cushion, frame, and elbow.
*AirFit F20 and AirTouch F20 frame fits all cushion sizes.

Date Added: 05/01/2022
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Date Added: 05/01/2022

Subject: Full face cpap
I am so glad that I decided to try the full face mask it is so much better for colds or allergy sufferers

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I see two different answers for the f20 cushion. For her smaller than the regular f20 cushion or not.
I thought the only difference was the headgear (Asked on 01/15/2022)
The cushions are the same size between the F20 and the F20 for her. The only difference is the headgear which is slightly smaller and pink/purple
Is the size of the “standard head gear” the same as the size of the “for her headgear”? (Asked on 12/05/2021)
no, the standard headgear is a bit larger than the "for her" headgear
Perhaps I asked my question wrong. I was looking at the for her mask but noticed that you don't have any "for her" replacement pillows, do the "for her" masks use the same pillows as the regular F20 or is there a "for her" size pillow. (Asked on 11/30/2021)
the "for her" cushions (the silicone part that covers your nose and mouth) are the same size as the regular F20 cushions. It is the same cushion for the regular F20 and the For Her F20 masks. The difference is in the headgear which is smaller on the For Her masks.
What is the "for her" part, is the head gears size different, is the mask size different or both. I understand about the memory foam but is there a small cushion and a women's small cushion. (Asked on 11/30/2021)
Hello, typically the for her have smaller masks and the colors are geared towards "for her".
Is this compatible with Philps Dream CPAP? (Asked on 11/22/2021)
Hello, Yes this will work with your dreamstation cpap machine
On the airtouch F20 for her the size to choose is the mask or the head gear.

Thanks in advance (Asked on 04/22/2021)
The size selection is for the mask cushion. The headgear is the same size for the For Her model.
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