Resvent iBreeze Auto BiPAP with Heated Humidifier Rental

Model: 25STARental
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Product Details

iBreeze Auto BiPAP Machine with 5" LCD Touch Screen

The Resvent iBreeze 25ST-A is a spontaneously timed VPAP device. The machine features sophisticated respiratory algorithms, which help to ensure that your therapy is compliant with your exact needs. This machine provides effective non-invasive ventilation for therapy with diagnosis such as severe COPD, neuro-muscular disease, hypo-ventilation syndrome and/or other restrictive disorders. The ST-A is capable of monitoring your breathing rate and adjusting pressure depending on your inhalation and exhalation needs. The device provides inspiratory positive airway pressure and also has a backup rate to make sure that you get enough breaths per minute, even when you do not breathe spontaneously. Best of all, there are adjustable alarms for added safety to notify you when there is low minute ventilation or excessive leakage happening during therapy.

Key Features

  • IPR Detects Algorithms of expiration and inhalation pressures
  • Intelligent humidifier Enhances Comfort
  • Provides Mask Fit feedback
  • Auto humidification eliminates rainout
  • ResAssist
  • Alarm clock feature
  • High-Pressure Range

Therapy Data Viewing
Download the iMatrix software (Windows only) to view your sleep data.

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Technical Data
E0470, E0562, A7037
Item Includes

Your rental will come with the iBreeze Auto BiPAP machine with built-in humidifier, machine power supply, standard air filter, standard plastic tubing.
Masks are sold separately.

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How soon will I receive machine after placing order? I live in Mission, Texas.

The free standard shipping typically takes about 3-7 business days. There are options for expedited shipping available also if you need it sooner

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Is this machine capable of removing carbon monoxide from the body as well?


No, this machine (and any CPAP machine) does not remove carbon monoxide from the body. CPAP machines treat sleep apnea only.

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