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O2 Enrichment Attachment
Model: 312710

O2 Enrichment Attachment
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Respironics Oxygen Enrichment Attachment for CPAP Users

This is the Respironics oxygen enrichment attachment. For CPAP users who also use oxygen concentrators, the attachment is necessary for maintaining the additional oxygen flow over the course of your therapy. The connector allows oxygen to flow into any CPAP or bilevel machine. It is placed between the CPAP machine, humidifier, or mask and your CPAP hose. It is compatible with all oxygen tubing.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Most CPAP Machines
  • Attaches Easily
  • Portable and Easy to Carry and Pack


Is this only compatible with Respironics machines?

No, this is compatible with most CPAP machines. Check with your manufacturer to ensure that the O2 Enrichment Attachment will work with your mask and machine.

SKU: 470