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Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask

Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask

Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask
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by Gerald P
Date Added: Sunday 08 January, 2017
Update on this mask, I was correct in the fact the barbs that hold the straps to the mask are cheap and break off I purchased two replacement headgear straps and now cannot use them. Ill have to either return them if they will let me but I do not recommend this mask to anyone that wants a product that lasts. I expect more from these products simply because they are pricey and you should count on quality. this product has neither..

by Gerald P
Date Added: Saturday 22 October, 2016
This mask is replacing a Phillips Full Face that is no longer available. I like the fact this mask has an improved field of vision and they send 3 sizes for you to try and get the best fit. NOTE: The rubber masks and nasal inserts are all the same size, What makes them Small Med Lrg are the holes in the rubber fittings. I am a fairly large man and the mask seems a bit small compared to my previous mask. I have been using this new mask for a few weeks now and I seem to be getting used to it. I like the fact the have the 30 day return as it may be beneficial to some that do not like the product. I will be keeping the mask as I have had a sleep disorder for several years and realize all products take some time to get used to.. I hope the plastic barbs on the hard mask the headgear attaches to hold out? My biggest beef is my nose gets extremely dry even with my humidifier full and on high. I would recommend the mask to anyone who asks. I will also be purchasing a few replacement head gear

by Tyler F
Date Added: Thursday 25 August, 2016
This mask has to be the best one I've used so far! I was using a Phillips Comfortgel Blue for a while, which was always leaking and gave me sores on the bridge of my nose. Ever since I got this one, I have had not one issue. I would highly recommend!

by Be J
Date Added: Wednesday 27 April, 2016
I have used CPPAP equipment for over 10 years and tried a collection of different masks.

This is the only one that have really worked. I have used this for the last three years. Finally found something that do not leak, and I am a side sleeper that moves a lot during the night.

Will highly recommend. Also recommend use an 8 feet air supply hose, so that you will have more room to move.

by Paola S
Date Added: Friday 19 September, 2014
This is actually a pretty cool mask, at first I thought somebody ship me their lunch bag, but it was the mask I purchased. It can actually function as an oral and nasal interface, and in the package it came with 3 sizes of oral cushions and nasal pillows that way I can choose the right fit. Goodbye restless night!!!

by Deborah B
Date Added: Friday 22 June, 2012
Amazing mask, low leakage once you get the nose piece adjusted. Sleeps comfortably and easily :)! Love it!

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 7 reviews)