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ResMed Mirage Vista Nasal CPAP Mask

ResMed Mirage Vista Nasal CPAP Mask

60000, 60001
ResMed Mirage Vista Nasal CPAP Mask
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ResMed Mirage Vista Nasal CPAP Mask ResMed Mirage Vista Nasal CPAP Mask ResMed Mirage Vista Nasal CPAP Mask ResMed Mirage Vista Nasal CPAP Mask

Available Options:

Unique, Comfortable Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

A unique design that has your comfort in mind. The mask comes without any forehead support, and instead offers you five symmetrical headgear angles and 20 headgear positions for a comfortable fit that won't block your line of vision. Additionally, the Mirage Vista is easy to snap on and off, and comfortable to wear.

360 Degree Elbow Rotation

Equip with a removable elbow that lets you detach the tubing easily, without removing your mask. Additionally, the elbow rotates 360 degrees, letting you sleep in any position without accidentally detaching your mask.

Dual-Layer Cushion

Like many ResMed products, the Mirage Vista comes with two layers for a comfortable and secure CPAP mask fit. The outer layer is a silicone membrane that mitigates leaks and conforms to the outside of your face while the inner layer is a cushion that rests gently against your face. The mask inflates as you breathe, forming a durable seal that won't leak or give you red marks on your face.

Avant-garde Headgear

The Mirage Vista's four vertical straps are positioned around your head in an innovative design that seeks to evenly distribute pressure around your head without compromising your comfort. This high performing headgear attaches easily and can be snapped off in a second. Additionally, the Quick Clips ensure you won't have to readjust your settings every time you use this sleep apnea mask.

Key Features

  • Aesthetic Baby Blue Color
  • Compact Design
  • 360 Degree Elbow Rotation
  • Comes in Two Different Sizes: Standard and Deep.

Reviewers Tip:

This mask is great for people who dislike traditional masks, or users with claustrophobia, as the Mirage Vista offers unobstructed vision, minimal contact with the front of your face, and no forehead pad.


How often should I wash my mask?

At Respshop, we reccomend washing the cushion daily, and the headgear weekly. Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Distilled water works well, but is not necessasry.

Can I sleep on my side?

Yes. Some users have found that sleeping on their side can be difficult with masks that have forehead attachments, which will not be a problem with the Mirage Vista.

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Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7034/A7035

Item Includes

  •  Mask
  •  Headgear
  •  Cushion
  •  Inlet Tube with Swivel