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EasyFit Silicone Cushion CPAP Full Face Mask

EasyFit Silicone Cushion CPAP Full Face Mask

DV97310, DV97320, DV97330, DV97340
EasyFit Silicone Cushion CPAP Full Face Mask
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EasyFit Silicone Cushion CPAP Full Face Mask
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EasyFit Full Face Mask with Headgear and Silicone Cushion Reduces Leakage and Noise

This full face mask from DeVilbiss is both lightweight and quiet, providing comfort to you and your sleeping partner. A well placed exhalation port directs exhaled air in a downward direction, mimicking normal exhalation from the nose. The ball-and-socket joint avoids tangles and tension in your tubing by allowing 360 degrees of movement. Developed from a study of 50,000 faces, the EasyFit Full Face Mask offers unprecedented conformity to a large variety of users and ensures a superior seal.

Hassle-Free Headgear

Secure your mask with the smart crisscross strap design and quick-release clips. Adjustable in four points, the EasyFit Headgear is simple to use and comfortable to sleep in. Reap the benefits of your EasyFit Full Face Mask with this specially designed headgear and make air leaks a distant memory.

Material List:
Mask Frame Polycarbonate
Cushion  Silicone
Latex Free

Key Features

  • Cushion Compatibility - can be used with Silicone, SilkGel, and Gel cushions
  • Innovative Headgear - fully adjustable crisscross design offers stability and comfort
  • Quiet Design - exhalation port reduces noise of exhaling and directs it away from you and your sleeping partner

Reviewers Tip:

The secure seal of this mask makes it a great choice for users who sleep on their sides.

EasyFit Feature Video


What cushions can I use with this mask?

The Gel, SilkGel, and Silicone cushions are all compatible with the EasyFit Full Face Mask.

Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7034 A7035
  Warranty90 Day Limited

Item Includes

  • Full Face Mask
  • Cushion
  • Exhalation Connector
  • Headgear
  • User Booklet