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Fisher & Paykel ICON CPAP Water Chamber

Fisher & Paykel ICON CPAP Water Chamber

Fisher & Paykel ICON CPAP Water Chamber
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Replacement Water Chamber for CPAP Machines

The ICON Water Chamber is a replacement water chamber designed for the ICON Auto and ICON Premo CPAP machines from Fisher and Paykel. You can't run your humidifier without a water chamber, so if yours is damaged, pick up a replacement today!

Key Features

  • Cleans Easily
  • Inserts Quickly
  • Great Replacement
  • Water Chamber cannot be Disassembled

Reviewers Tip:

The water chamber should last up to six months with proper maintenance and regular cleanings.

Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto Humidifier


Do I need to use distilled water to clean my humidifier?

It's recommended but not necessary.

About how often should I clean the chamber?

Give it at least a rinse and a quick clean every day, and a deeper wash every week.


Available Accessories

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Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeE0562
  Water Chamber Capacity420 ml

Item Includes

  • Water Chamber