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AirFit N10 - Nasal Mask by ResMed

AirFit N10 - Nasal Mask by ResMed
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AirFit N10 - Nasal Mask by ResMed
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by Keith R
Date Added: Wednesday 21 October, 2015
I have used the Swift FX nasal pillow for years and I don't notice it at all. I tried the N10 and felt like I was suffocating during the night. I liked the headgear and magnetic clips. I could not get used to the feeling of having to struggle to breath with it on.

by Brent H
Date Added: Thursday 24 September, 2015
I had a nasal mask that had one attachment on each side of the mask. when i would lay down, the mask would tilt and a good seal was lost. With this product having 2 attachments on each side, there is no tilt when i lay down. The seal stays constant. I was worried that the magnet connections wouldn't be strong enough to hold the mask together, but amazingly, they hold very well. The mask and headgear are as comfortable as anything I have used, so am very happy with it. I have used the mask now for several weeks and so far am extremely happy with the entire product.

by Renato G
Date Added: Saturday 06 June, 2015
I have been a CPAP user since 1992, and have tried and used dozens of different kinds and brands masks (nasal, nasal pillows and full face masks). Honestly, this is one of the WORST mask I have ever tried and used. As a courtesy to new and potential users of CPAP masks, I STRONGLY DISCOURAGE you to get this particular mask. Please do not waste your money on this.

by Alicia G
Date Added: Thursday 28 August, 2014
Well, this is a new mask from ResMed, finally they made something that works well for me. The mask fits me perfectly on day one. It felt like this mask was made especially for me. The cushion is soft and the seal is just right. There was no need to make adjustments here and there, just put it on and wow, it fits right on. It is also much quieter than the other nasal mask I was using before this one. When I found something that fits like nicely, it just feels right that I am going to stick with this mask for a long time.

by Maddy A
Date Added: Wednesday 02 July, 2014
Easy to adjust, easy to fit, easy on the face, whats not to love? 10 out of 10 for this one, resmed just keeps making the best products, and I keep buying them!

by Bert B
Date Added: Monday 19 May, 2014
This is the best CPAP mask I've ever used. It's light, it's quiet, and it's easy to breathe through. The magnetic clips are really convenient for people (like me) who take forever to get the mask on right. It's easy to adjust too, I have no complaints. Customer service was friendly too.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)