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PR System One DS450 REMstar Pro CPAP Machine with C-Flex Plus with Humidifier
Model: DS450HS, DS450S

PR System One DS450 REMstar Pro CPAP Machine with C-Flex Plus with Humidifier
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Extended Warranty

Respironics PR System One DS450 REMstar Pro CPAP Machine with C-Flex Plus with Humidifier


This product is discontinued. See the latest model REMStar Pro CPAP.

The Respironics System One approaches sleep therapy in a smarter way by providing flow-based pressure through C-Flex Plus, an effective resistance control that automatically adapts to various masks for optimal flow, and an advanced algorithm that provides actionable data for you and your healthcare provider.

C-Flex Plus

C-Flex Plus is Respironics' latest innovation to comfort. It combines the flow-based pressure relief of C-Flex, with the ability to soften pressure transition from inhalation to exhalation of A-flex. The end result is centered on achieving maximum comfort during your sleep session.

System One Resistance Control

System One employs resistance control that can adapt to a variety of user masks making it incredibly versatile. The device is then able to adapt and automatically make adjustments for optimal flow based on your mask.

Advanced Event dDtection Algorithm

Respiroinics has developed an advanced algorithm capable of detecting and gathering data on a variety of sleep disorders. The end result is actionable data that you and your healthcare provider can leverage to develop optimal solutions for your sleep therapy.

Key Features

  • Advanced Event Detection - Detects and gathers data on a variety of sleep disorders for personalized results
  • Data Management - EncoreViewer Software monitors therapy effectiveness through comprehensive reports
  • C-Flex Plus - Combines C-Flex flow-based pressure relief with the ability to soften pressure transition from inhalation to exhalation of A-Flex
  • Ramp Technology - Starts pressure at a lower setting and gently increases to the prescribed pressure over a duration of 45min in 5min increments
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment - Automatically adjusts pressure to provide relief at various altitudes


Reviewers Tip:

The SD card is able to store up to a years worth of data.

This item has been discontinued.


What is the pressure range?

The pressure ranges from 4 to 20cm H20.

What kind of filters does this device use?

Ultra Fine and Foam Filters.

How many modes does this device have?

This device has one mode: CPAP.

RX Required.

SKU: 216
HCPCS CPAP Code(s): E0601 (CPAP), E0562(humidifier)

Product Specifications



Pressure Ranges:

4 (four) to 20 (twenty) cm H2O

Ramp Up Time:

0 (zero) to 45 (fourty-five) min. (in 5-minute increments)

CPAP Dimensions:

7 inches L x 10.75 inches W x 4 inches H

CPAP Weight:

1.9 kilograms

Filter Types:

Ultra Fine filters and foam filters available

Set-up Screen:

LCD screen with keypad

SD Card

up to 1 (one) year of storage

CPAP Machine Data

up to 6 (six) months

DS Data Card:


Exhale Pressure Relief:

C-Flex technology

Altitude Adjustt:


Power Requirements:

Input ranges of 100240V, and 5060Hz

Battery Power Available:

Yes, sold separately


Comes with heated humidifier

Warranty Period:

2 (two) year covered by manufacturer

DC Power Cables:

12 (twelve) to 24 (twenty-four) V DC; optional

  HCPCS CodeE0601/E0562
  ModesCPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
  Pressure Range4 to 20 cm H2O
  Ramp Time0 to 45 minute (@ 5-minute increments)
  • Respironics PR System One REMstar Pro CPAP Machine
  • System one Heated Humidifier
  • Travel Bag
  • User Manual
  • Performance Tubing
  • Power Adapter (100v-240v AC auto adaptive; world travel ready)
  • FREE filters for three years -- only from
  • SD card
by Date Added: Thursday 29 November, 2012
I purchased this model almost a year ago to the date of this review and I am totally impressed with all aspects of this cpap. I was unsure which model was the best match for my prescription and after a quick phone call with a customer service rep I had several units to choose from and settled on the Respironics DS 250. After making my purchase I received an email with the shipping info and a message that my order had been upgraded to this model for an unknown reason and that all the settings had been made to match my prescription before it shipped. I can not express in words how impressed I am with this unit and with the customer service I received during the purchasing process. This cpap is whisper quiet and has a very easy to navigate menu system to make changes to any of the settings you desire. The humidifier works fantastic and you never wake up with any dry sinus or throat issues.The only negative I could say is the humidifier requires more frequent filling than my old unit did but on the flipside does a much better job at keeping your sinuses moist during sleep. This unit also comes with an onboard SD memory card which records all the perimeters of your sleep and can be removed and taken to your sleep specialist so they can monitor your sleep apnia and make changes to the cpap as needed. You also have access to the Respironics Encore software to monitor your sleep habits via your own home computer. The software is free and can be downloaded from this site with the purchase of a Respironics cpap. After a full year on this machine I am completely satisfied with all aspects of it and have had a much better quality sleep with this model compared to my old cpap that this replaced. I can also tell anyone who reads this that you can buy with total confidence from this site as their customer service is top notch and they have made me a lifetime customer! Thanks Respshop!!!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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