Transcend Micro Auto CPAP Standard 6 ft. Tubing

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Connects to the Transcend Micro Travel Auto CPAP via the WhisperSoft Muffler
  • Compatible with all CPAP masks
  • Non-Heated 6Ft Tubing
  • Can be used with Transcend Micro AirMist HME Kit
Product Details

Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP Standard 6 Ft Tubing

This is the 6 ft standard tubing for the Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP. This non-heated tube is flexible and lightweight, making it the perfect companion to the incredibly portable Transcend Micro. The tubing features 22mm diameter cuffs and is compatible with all standard CPAP masks. 

This tubing connects to the Transcend Micro via the WhisperSoft Muffler. If you do not wish to use the WhisperSoft Muffler, you can use the Transcend Micro AirFlex Custom 6Ft Tubing to directly connect any standard CPAP mask to your Micro device.

Note: This tubing is compatible with the Transcend Micro AirMist HME Kit.

Technical Data
Item Includes

1x 6 ft standard tubing

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