Fisher & Paykel ThermoSmart ICON CPAP Heated Breathing Tube

Fisher & Paykel ThermoSmart ICON CPAP Heated Breathing Tube

Model: 900ICON208
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Heated Tubing for ICON CPAP Machine

The ThermoSmart Heated Hose has an internal heated coil that helps to eliminate rainout in your hose. The ThermoSmart's internal algorithms measure temperatures from the humidifier to prevent condensation from appearing in the mask. From end to end, the ThermoSmart is 76.5 inches long.

Heated Hose
The ThermoSmart is built to maintain a pleasing, warm temperature from the humidifier through to your mask. The tube comes with internally heated coils that keep temperature and humidity constant throughout the duration of your sleep apnea therapy.

Different Than Normal Heated Tubes
Unlike most heated tubes, the ThermoSmart heats air already inside the tube. This helps to reduce condensation, eliminate rainout, and prevent the onset of symptoms commonly associated with CPAP therapy, including dryness in the throat and mouth.

The Fisher Paykel ThermoSmart tube is compatible only with the manufacturer's ICON line of machines. It will not work with any other product, including other Fisher & Paykel models.

Key Features

  • Internally Heated
  • Effective Therapy
  • Innovative Humidification

Reviewers Tip:
The ThermoSmart heated hose is light, and at 76.5 inches long, won't disrupt your sleep if you like to toss and turn during the night.

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Will this work with any ICON machine?
Yes, the ThermoSmart was built compatible with all ICON machines.

Can I get the ThermoSmart in a non-heated model?
No, the ThermoSmart is designed as a heated tube.


Review By Anne G. RPSGT, RST

Registered Sleep Therapist
Registered Polysomnographic Technologist for Respshop
[email protected]

Why do you need a heated CPAP hose?
The main reason for a heated hose is to avoid moisture build up in the CPAP tube.
If you use a fan at night or if your bed is near a window, sometimes the moisture from the humidifier can condense and pool in the hose before it gets to your airway.
When this happens, it can wake you up by creating a loud popping sound as the air blows past the water, and in some cases can cause what we refer to as "rain out" where the water starts to splash on to your face or pour in to your nose.
The heated hose insulates the air from the cooler temperatures in your room to avoid this.
You can also adjust the heat in the hose for your comfort making this a great option to the standard hose!

Model 900ICON208
HCPCS Code A4604
  Weight 9.6 oz
  Warranty 30 days
Andrey S(Verified Purchase)
Date Added: 01/31/2020
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Date Added: 01/31/2020

A very good thing! Do not sweat! I like it!
I have not seen this with other brands

Gus B(Verified Purchase)
Date Added: 05/25/2014
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Date Added: 05/25/2014

Well worth having as a spare, i have three tubes now i get one every time i buy something from Respshop, they are $AU 80 + here in Australia. They are quite durable but i accidentally put a hole in one a while ago. With the Icon Auto the heated tube works better than on my previous Icon Premo don't know why but it does for me.

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Quisiera hacer mi pedido desde Salto, en Uruguay, Sud América. Es un Tubo de respiración térmico para CPAP Icon+ de Fisher and Paykel. Debo saber si es posible el envío y cuál es el costo de correo. Gracias (Asked on 05/27/2021)
ealizamos envíos internacionales. El costo dependerá del peso, la distancia y la fecha de llegada requerida. Los iconos ya no están disponibles. Si solo necesita el tubo calefactado que está disponible.
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