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AG Industries Universal Cuffed Sterilizable CPAP Tubing - Cream

Model: CP140C, CP141C, CP142C, CP143C, CP144C, CP145C, CP146C
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No Prescription Required

Reusable Medical Grade 6 Foot CPAP Therapy Tubing

This cream tubing is made out of high quality medical grade silicone with rubber cuffs and can be sterilized so that is reusable. Guaranteed to fit on any CPAP machine and CPAP mask, this tube has the standard 22 millimeter silicone cuffs. Light weight and flexible this tubing is great for any CPAP user. Medical grade tubing has the longest life span and usually will last between one to three years depending on how well you take care of your tube. Regular cleaning is recommended and you can find tubing brushes that will allow for your tube to last longer and perform to optimum levels. The tubes design allows for it to be resistant to high temperatures while providing stability and performance for your CPAP therapy, including delivering consistent airflow throughout the night.

Key Features

  • Medical Grade - Longest life span, most durable material
  • Compatibility - Guaranteed to fit any standard CPAP, VPAP, or BiPAP machine as well as all standard CPAP masks
  • Sterilizable - This tube can be sterilized and reused for medical professionals and at home users

Reviewers Tip:

While cleaning out your tube daily is recommended, I have found that while washing my tube and hanging it up to air dry is the bare minimum, there are other devices that will help fully clean the tube and lengthen the life span. I currently use the Stainless Stem Tube Brush to make sure that I can scrape out any and all grind from the previous night's use. The tube brush is only 3 feet 6 inches long while the tube is 6 feet, so remember to turn the tube around so you can clean both halves.

Choosing the right length of CPAP tubing

We are asked often, what length tubing should I use? To know the length to purchase, measure the distance from the CPAP machine to where you lay in bed. This gives you a general idea of length. Typically a user will add 1 - 4 feet to the measured length, depending on how much movement the user should allow for.


What is the difference between medical grade and some of the other grades of tubing?

Medical grade means that this tubing can be sterilized and reused by medical professionals or by the purchaser to lengthen the life. In general, medical grade is a stronger tube that has a longer lifespan than other tubes that get a homecare rating or a disposable rating.

I am not a medical professional can I still purchase this tube?

Of course, the grading system is just a way to tell you how strong your tube will be and what you can roughly expect the life span to be, granted you are maintaining your tube regularly and making sure that you keep it in good shape.

I am having troubles keeping my tube out of the way, resulting in some tangles, is there anything that I can purchase for this?

Yes, we have a CPAP hose lift available that will keep the tube above the user which will help prevent getting your tube tangled or tugging on your CPAP mask if you are frequently moving during your CPAP therapy.

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