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AG Industries Tubing Coupler - AG1409

AG Industries Tubing Coupler - AG1409

Model: AG1409
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Tubing Coupler for CPAP Machine

The 22 mm tubing extension coupler from AG helps you get the most out of your therapy by allowing you to extend the length of your CPAP tube. The coupler can be combined with an extension piece to allow you more room during your therapy, which allows you to toss and turn without the risk of dislodging your mask.

Key Features

  • Extend Length of CPAP Tubing or Add on to Humidifier
  • Easy Application
  • Great Accessory
  • Non Swivel 22mm O.D. x 18.8 mm I.D.

Reviewers Tip:

If your nightstand is far away from your bed, the coupler will help you get valuable tubular extension.
Please note: the total extension cannot be longer than 10 feet.


Is this product compatible with all masks and tubes?

It is, yes. The coupler functions like an outlet port for an extension cord, and can attach to any hose.

Does this come with any tubular extension?

No, this is just hte tubing coupler. Extensions will need to be purchased separately.

Model AG1409
HCPCS Code E1399
  Dimensions 22 mm O.D. x 18.8 I.D.
  Weight 0.10 lb
SKU: 680