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SoClean II S9 Heated Hose Adapter
Model: PNA1109

SoClean II S9 Heated Hose Adapter
SoClean II S9 Heated Hose Adapter
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SoClean II ResMed Heated Hose Adapter

Cleaning your CPAP equipment, including mask, tube, and water chamber can be a hassle. Getting that equipment 99.9 percent clean? That can be near impossible! Using the SoClean II CPAP Cleaner will guarantee that 99.9 percent of bacteria and mold, as well as viruses and other materials that can have negative effects on your health and sleep apnea therapy, will be completely destroyed. This is the adapter for CPAP Machine users who are using heated tubing.

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  • Heated tubing adapter - Allows for your ResMed heated tubing to work with the SoClean II
  • Destroys 99.9 percent of harmful chemicals - Including mask, tube, and water chamber
  • Chemical free - relies on oxygen rather than alcohol and other chemicals to clean
Reviewers Tip:

Keep your mask assembled while using the SoClean II, and keep the tubing attached in order to ensure that your water chamber and tube are cleaned as well.

Introducing the SoClean II


Do I need this adapter if I use ResMed SlimLine Tubing?

No, the adapters are only necessary if you are using heated tubing.


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