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SoClean Cartridge Filter Kit
Model: PN1207

SoClean Cartridge Filter Kit
SoClean Cartridge Filter Kit
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Cartridge Filter Kit for CPAP Machine

The Cartridge Filter Kit comes with a replacement filter and a replacement check valve for the SoClean CPAP machine. The filter and valve should be replaced every six months or so for optimal performance.

Prevent Leaks

The cartridge filter converts activated oxygen back to regular oxygen as it leaves your machine's chamber. The check valve prevents water from escaping the SoClean and damaging your CPAP equipment.


The SoClean makes cleaning your CPAP equipment much easier. You'll need to clean you're CPAP mask every day, and it couldn't be easier with the SoClean: just put your mask in the SoClean, and the machine will do all the work. Kill all the bacteria, fungus, and facial oils with oxygen -- not chemicals -- with the SoClean.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Any CPAP Mask
  • Cleans 99.9% of Bacteria and Mold
  • Chemical Free

Reviewers Tip:

When you use the SoClean, don't worry about dissembling your mask: just the entire mask inside and let the machine get it clean.

SoClean came out with the new check valve with smaller stem.  Trim both ends of the tubing for better fit.

Introducing the SoClean 


Does this come with the SoClean?

No, this is just the Cartridge Filter Kit.


SKU: 769