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Pur-Sleep VaporClear CPAP Sinus Nasal Blaster

Pur-Sleep VaporClear CPAP Sinus Nasal Blaster
Pur-Sleep VaporClear CPAP Sinus Nasal Blaster
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Patent Pending Design

Achieving a safe and soothing aroma induced experience, the VaporClear helps bring the CPAP experience back to the metaphysics of sleep. Pur-Sleep has comprised two Eucalyptus blends, one splashed with of hint lavender and rosemary, the other revives by combining a light mentholated peppermint with a dash of lime.

Sinus and Sensitivity Reduced

For those suffering from allergies and other sinus related breathing problems, the Vapor Clear uses pure 100% essential oils and aromatics to open up and relax the nasal passages. CPAP therapy is assisted by tricking your senses to follow the scent and distracts the mind from other sensations typical to CPAP.

Key Features

  • Essential Oil - 100% Pure for natural aromatherapy
  • Reusable Pads - Diffusion pads are reusable for an extended period of use

Reviewers Tip:

Keep your pads separate for use of the different available oils. Make sure to label them, to avoid cross over and combining of the oils. Actually you may achieve a new blend of calm, cool, clear and collected! You see what I did there? :)

How to Install in my CPAP Machine

Actually, there is no internal installation required. Simply use the provided stand to position the diffuser pad upright and have it rest close to the filter area of the CPAP machine.


I will be on my CPAP for a longer duration, sooner?

Yes! Tests have shown that desensitizing you to the CPAP puts less angst on the user and leads to less negative feedback.

What does Passive Diffusion mean?

This means that there is no moving parts or hands on assistance needed to enable the VaporClear for use.


Available Accessories

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