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Respironics Chin Strap

Model: 302175
Respironics Chin Strap
Respironics Chin Strap Respironics Chin Strap Respironics Chin Strap
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$16.99   $15.29

No Prescription Required

Comfortable Chinstrap for CPAP Masks

The Respironics chin strap is a basic strap designed to connect to the headgear straps on your mask. The chin cradle of the Respironics chin strap has a narrow and a wide section, giving you two different positioning options.


CPAP chin straps are helpful for patients who get dry mouth, or if your mouth drops open during sleep. This indicates that your jaw drops, which allows the air from the CPAP machine to flow out of your mouth.


To attach the Respironics CPAP chin strap, simply wrap the strap around your forehead, leaving enough space so that your head is comfortable. Attach the velcro straps near your ears for an optimal fit.

Key Features

  • Easy Attachment
  • Wraps Around the Chin
  • Comfortable Wrap

Reviewers Tip:

Don't overtighten the strap: the strap is intended to make your sleep apnea more therapeutic, and if it's too tight, you will struggle to fall asleep.

24 (L) x 1 (W) inches


Snoring and Sleep Apnea


What color is this chin strap?

This sleep apnea chin strap is available in white.

Will this work for all sized heads?

This particular sleep apnea chin strap fits patients with smaller heads better than patients with larger ones; it also will fit smaller masks better than bulkier ones.

SKU: 217