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SoClean 2 Go Power Kit

Model: PN1309
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No Prescription Required

SoClean 2 Go power kit.

Including a wall charger (100-240v AC), a 12v DC cigarette charger, and a base.

Compatible to SoClean 2 Go only.

Instructions on using the 12V Adapter Base Connection:

1.  Remove battery compartment door and set aside.  Pull out and disconnect battery pack from main unit by squeezing connector lever and pulling apart.

2.  Connect the adapter base by joining its connector to the main unit connector.  Push together and snap into place.  Note:  at this point you should make sure that the swith on the underside of your main unit is in the ON position.

3.  Attach the base to the main unit by inserting the long rear tab into its matching slot on the main unit.  Then pivot the front of the base so that it comes together with the main unit and the front tab clicks into place.

4.  Snap original battery compartment door onto the bottom of the base for safe keeping.  Base can be removed by depressing the removal tab and pulling the base away from the main unit.  The new base has its on/off switch located on the side of the unit.  Attach 12-volt connector jack and proceed with normal operation.

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