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Medili 12V CPAP Battery Pack Kit For ResMed/Respironics

Model: C-100-1, C-100-2
Medili 12V CPAP Battery Pack Kit For ResMed/Respironics Medili 12V CPAP Battery Pack Kit For ResMed/Respironics
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Cost Effective Lightweight Travel CPAP Battery Solution

Weighing just over 3 pounds (3lbs), this CPAP battery delivers the most cost effective and lightweight CPAP battery solution available. Gone are the typical restrictions of standard in-home CPAP therapy, as the Universal CPAP Battery provides power wherever you need it most. Enjoy camping, fishing and other outdoor, multiple day activites without the stress of leaving your CPAP machine at home. A user friendly carrying case has a windowed flap allowing the CPAP battery to be protected, even while in use.

Optional Two Battery Settings
Long Travel? Select the optional two battery setting during checkout to enjoy the extra sleep!

Built in Smart Charging System to Ensure Battery Stability and Longevity

Depadability of using battery packs for backup power were once a serious concern. Due to unknown failure of power at night and/or surge your CPAP therapy can be at risk without you knowing it. With smart charge built in to each CPAP battery unit, batteries are immediately ready for use at a full charge. This assures the patient that therapy will stop during a nights sleep.

On Battery Charge Status LED

Battery charge is indicated directly on the battery by using a four level battery status LED's.

Key Features

  • Lightweight travel CPAP battery solution
  • Smart charge allows for immediate battery usage and a quick recharge time of only 3 - 4 hours
  • Engineered with high quality lithium-ion cells which eliminate the typical memory loss problems of the past
  • Dual battery capability for extended usage times

Reviewers Tip:

The Universal CPAP Battery Kit can be connected directly to the CPAP device while also being plugged into the wall. This ensures a full night of uninterrupted CPAP use.


You may need addtional parts for CPAP machine connections, depending on your machine brand and model:


How long will the CPAP machine run on this battery pack?

Battery operating times depend on many variables. Device type, utilization of adapters (inverters/converters), therapy pressure, etc. all factor into the actual battery length. For extended use purchase the dual battery kit.

*All listed operating times are rated by testing Respiroinics System One and ResMed S9 machines without a heated humidifier or heated tubing.

Single Battery Configuration

  • Respironics & Other 12V CPAP Machines: 1-3 nights ResMed & Other 24V CPAP Machines: 1-2 nights

Double Battery Configuration

  • Respironics & Other 12V CPAP Machines: 3-5 nights ResMed & Other 24V CPAP Machines: 2-3 nights

How long will it take recharge the batteries?

Expected recharge time on a fully drained battery is three to four hours per battery. The batteries do not need to be fully discharged in order to recharge them as they have a built in Smart Charge feature.

Is it possible to charge the battery pack through a dc adapter or car?

Yes the batteries can be charged through a DC port. Be sure to use a sine wave inverter to safely recharge the battery packs through DC power.

Is the battery replaceable?

Yes Respshop carries the C-100 battery replacement .


There are other options for CPAP machine battery packs. This C-100 battery pack kit is the most cost effective lightweight CPAP battery solution on the market. Benefits of other batteries in comparison include longer life and manufacturer specific branding. is local to us in Washington and also has great support for their batteries. We highly recommend these batteries to our loyal clients.




100 Watt Hours

Output Voltage:

12 Volts

Output Current:

8A max

Charge Current:

2500 mAh


LED four stage LED charge level indicator

Recharge Time:

3-4 hours (per battery)

Recharge Cycles:

300-500 cycles


Aluminum alloy scratch resistant shell

Battery Dimensions:

7.5  x 4.25 x 0.75 inches (L x W x H)

Battery Weight:

1.6 lbs

Warranty Period:

6 months

SKU: 562