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SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube

Model: 100477
SKU: 473

SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube

Model: 100477

  • No Prescription Required

Light CPAP Tube from SleepWeaver

The Feather Weight Tube from SleepWeaver offers a flexible connection between your CPAP hose and mask. The lightweight design helps to reduce mask drag and allows you the freedom to toss and turn all night long without dislodging your seal.

Narrow Hose Diameter

The SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube features a narrow, 15 mm hose diameter. The Feather Weight Tube is lighter and more flexible than traditional 22 mm diameter hoses.

Attaches to SleepWeaver Masks

The Feather Weight tube is compatible with all CPAP masks made by Circadiance. This includes the SleepWeaver Advance and the SleepWeaver Elan .

Key Features

  • Standard 22 MM Hose Connectors
  • 18 Inches Long
  • Releases Quickly

Reviewers Tip:

The tube extends the length of your CPAP hose by a foot and a half, allowing you more room to move around at night.

Cleaning and Maintaining SleepWeaver CPAP Masks


Can this be used with hoses that have a 22 mm end?

Yes, the Feather Weight Tube is compatible with all hoses.

How heavy is this product?

At 1.28 ounces, this is one of the lightest tubes we carry.


SKU: 473
  HCPCS Code A7037
  Length 18 inches
  Weight 1.3 oz
  Warranty 30 days
  Extra Features 15 mm diameter; standard 22 mm connection.