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Respironics Fabric/Clear Frame for Wisp CPAP Nasal Mask

Model: 1094080, 1094081
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Available Options:

No Prescription Required

Replacement Fabric Frame for Nasal CPAP Mask

This is a replacement or backup fabric frame for Respironics's Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask, and only comes with the frame and frame only. The frame is necessary for securing the mask to your face while you sleep, but offers comfort with a soft fabric material that wraps around the frame. The Wisp mask as a whole is able to provide fewer points of contact because of a minimalistic frame and cushion design as well as the removal of a forehead support.

Key Features

  • Lightweight - Minimalistic design removes excess weight
  • Two Frame Options - Comes in a clear or fabric frame
  • Clear Line of Sight - Provides clear visuals for night time activities

Reviewers Tip:

This is the frame only and does not include the nasal cushion, any tubing, or a headgear attachment.

Wisp - Performance Has a New Style


  • Is this frame intended for the Wisp's fabric frame or the silicone frame?
    • The fabric frame.


SKU: 568