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Fisher & Paykel Seal for FlexiFit 431 CPAP Full Face Mask

Model: 400HC103, 400HC104, 400HC112
Fisher & Paykel Seal for FlexiFit 431 CPAP Full Face Mask
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Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask Replacement Seal

Replacement silicone seal for the Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 431 Full Face mask . This seal comes in two different sizes, small and medium, and will fit with your Flexifit 431 Full Face Mask. Changing the seal is quick and painless and will give you a like new feeling with your mask without having to pay for a full replacement.

Key Features

  • Two (2) different sizes - Medium and Small are available
  • Easy to change - Enjoy the comfort of a new mask without having to purchase one

Reviewers Tip:

Make sure you know what size you need before ordering, as there are two different sizes available. Replacement was easy to do and it had my mask feeling like new all over again. Knowing that my mask would fit with all CPAP devices and that I can update my seal without having to replace was an added bonus so that I can purchase a new CPAP machine if necessary without having to sacrifice my comfort and familiarity with my mask.

How to use the FlexiFit quick release?

With the mask on your face pulling the Easy-Release Cord removes the headgear in one step.


I have been using the Fisher & Paykel 431 mask for some time and have become extremely comfortable with it, but my seal is seeing some wear and tear, do I have to purchase a whole new mask?

As long as the only problem you're having is the seal, you can easily purchase and replace your current silicone seal with this replacement part and avoid having to pay full price for a new mask. If you are experiencing other problems with your mask, you might want to look into buying a new one. We carry the Fisher & Paykel 431 as well as many different options .

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