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Respironics PR System One DS220 REMstar SE with Heated Humidifier

Model: DS220TS, DS220HS
Respironics PR System One DS220 REMstar SE with Heated Humidifier
Respironics PR System One DS220 REMstar SE with Heated Humidifier Respironics PR System One DS220 REMstar SE with Heated Humidifier
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Respironics PR System One DS220 REMstar SE was replaced by Respiornics DreamStation Pro CPAP .

Lightweight and Affordable CPAP Machine

The PR System One DS220 REMstar SE comes with a heated humidifier and is a high performance CPAP machine. The REMstar delivers a great night of therapy by monitoring each of your breaths, and adjusting pressure depending upon your respiratory cycle and the incidence of apneas. The system comes with a humidification system that will help you fall and stay asleep throughout the night, and with an enhanced data collection service, the REMstar truly has all of your needs covered in one small, lightweight, and affordable product.

Controlled Breathing

Respironics brings Flex technology to their line of System One CPAP machines. Flex has the ability to sense your breathing pattern -- monitoring your most recent five breaths -- and uses this data to adjust your pressure setting based on your breathing rates. The system comes with three different pressure settings for your convenience.

System One Humidification

The REMstar's heated humidifier is a great addition to your CPAP therapy. The REMstar System One heated humidifier comfortably warms the air you breathe for a relaxed respiratory cycle, and the device comes with an optional heated tube. Reduce your chances of getting nasal congestion or waking up with dry mouth or a sore throat with the System One humidification control unit.

Ramp Technology

The Ramp Feature allows you to comfortably drift off to sleep by delaying the onset of full pressure. The ramp steadily increases pressure during the first forty-five minutes of your sleep apnea therapy, which lets you fall asleep more naturally.

Travel Friendly

The REMstar itself weighs just a few pounds, and the humidifier is light and portable as well. Measuring just 7" x 5.5", the REMstar is one of the easiest every day CPAP machines to take on the road.

Data Storage

With the System One, controlling all of your settings and data storage is easy. The REMstar SE tracks your sleep data for six months, recording information regarding your breathing cycle, your preferred humidity settings, and the pressure you are using with your machine. All of this data is accessible on a portable SD card, or can be viewed on the REMstar's LCD screen.

Key Features

  • Quiet CPAP Machine - Ultra quiet CPAP device produces minimal noise
  • Removable Data Card - Makes Sharing Information With Your Physician Quick and Easy
  • Portable - Compact size with dimensions of 7'L x 5.5'W x 4'H and a weight of 3lbs without humidifier
  • System One Humidification - Reduces traditional CPAP irritations and actively manages humidification
  • Flex Technology - Adjust pressure based on breathing cycle to ensure comfort and compliance
  • Ramp Technology - Gently increases pressure to prescribed pressure over a duration of 45min in 5min increments
  • Standard or Heating Tubing - Compatible with heated tubing which provides extra comfort and reduces rainout

Reviewers Tip:

Users who particularly need the heated humidifier may also be interested in purchasing heated tubing as well.

Operation for System One


What is the pressure range on this product?

4-20 cm H20.

Do I have to pay extra for the humidifier?

The humidifier is included in this offer at no additional charge.

How much does this machine weigh?

With the humidifier included, this machine still weighs just 3 pounds.

RX Required.

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