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Transcend Base Station
Model: 503033

Transcend Base Station
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Docking Station for CPAP Machines

Introducing the Transcend Base Station, a docking station for your CPAP machine. The docking station attaches easily to your CPAP machine and will keep it in place all night long. Don't worry about having your machine move during the night with this easy to use CPAP equipment accessory.


The Transcend docking station is compatible with the Transcend Travel CPAP Machine, the Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP Machine, and the Transcend Auto Travel CPAP Machine with EZEX.


While it's easy to understand the benefits of having a docking station on your bedside table, these base stations are even better on the road. If you're out camping or in an unfamiliar place, you won't want your machine to go missing or be hard to find in the middle of the night. Use a docking station to ensure that your machine stays an arm length away, all night long.

Key Features

  • Great For Travel
  • Easy to Use
  • Uncompromised Functionality

Reviewers Tip:

Ideal for travelers and frequent fliers!

Transcend Solar Power Battery


Can I use this on my nigthstand?

Yes, the docking station is only slightly larger than your CPAP machine.

How much does the base station way?

Transcend's Base Station weighs just 1.4 pounds.


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