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Respironics M Series Machines, R2 Water Chamber

Model: 1003757
Respironics M Series Machines, R2 Water Chamber
Respironics M Series Machines, R2 Water Chamber
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$31.99   $25.95

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R2 Water Chamber for CPAP Machine

This is the R2 replacement water chamber for the Respironics M series machines. If your current humidifier requires a black latch, this is the humidifier chamber lid for you.

Replacement Water Chamber

The replacement water chamber is easily removable and it attaches easily to your humidifier. The chamber is compatible with the Respironics M series R2 version, and is not compatible with PR System One models.

Key Features

  • Easy Replacement
  • Attachable
  • Drains Quickly

Reviewers Tip:

Check the color of your latch on your current humidifier's water chamber. If it's blue, this is not the product for you. If it's black, this is the replacement you are looking for.

Correct Nasal Congestion with a Humidifier


Is the heated humidifier included with this offer?

No, this is just for the water chamber itself.

Is this dishwasher safe?

At Respshop, we do not advise washing this item in the dishwasher.

Is this replaceable with the R3 chamber?

It is not. The R2 and R3 are different items and are not interchangeable.


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