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APEX Medical Water Chamber for iCH Auto/iCH II Auto

Model: SH00002
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Water Chamber Replacement for iCH Auto Travel CPAP Machine

With six different humidification levels, the iCH Auto Travel CPAP Machine from APEX Medical is lightweight portable machine that will deliver exceptional sleep apnea therapy. The humidifier and water chamber will improve the comfort you receive during CPAP therapy, while delivering consistent humidification for at least eight hours, even in the most extreme conditions. Humidifiers provide relief for CPAP side effects such as a sore throat or a dry nose. The six modes of therapy allow for you to adjust your humidifier as the weather and conditions in the room in which your CPAP is housed change, allowing for you to up your comfort even in the harshest environments.

Key Features

  • Eight hours of Humidification - Tested in extreme conditions to provide relief over a full nights rest
  • Improved comfort during CPAP therapy - Humidifiers reduce or eliminate sore throats, dry noses, and other side effects of your therapy
  • Six humidification levels - Change your CPAP humidifier to adjust to changes in the environment

Reviewers Tip:

In order to fill the water chamber, you must first remove it from the APEX iCH machine. Removing the water chamber is quick and easy, and behind it lies the SD card holder and the humidification settings control. For removal flip down the bottom lever, press down on the tab beneath the humidification settings, pull up at a 45 degree angle and remove.

APEX iCH Auto Travel CPAP Machine Introduction Video


Is the water chamber dishwasher safe?

While the chamber is dishwasher safe, running the chamber through the dishwasher may cause damage to the middle seal. We recommend cleaning the chamber manually with soap and water to preserve the seal for more use.

How many hours of humidification will I receive if my water chamber is full?

Tested under the most extreme pressure, humidification, and sleep settings the APEX iCH Auto will provide humidification for at least 8 hours. Humidifiers help relive dryness and congestion.


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