Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (Pulse Dose)

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Key Features:

  • Flow settings 1-6 (pulse dose)
  • Lightweight and compact at 4.7 lb (with single battery)
  • FAA-approved
  • Single and double battery options
  • Designed for 24 hour use
  • User-friendly LCD screen with power status indicator
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Compatible with the Inogen Connect app
Product Details

Inogen G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The Inogen One G5 is the next generation of portable oxygen concentrators, designed to provide unmatched freedom and flexibility for oxygen users.

Weighing in at just 4.7 pounds (with a single battery), the G5 is lightweight, quiet, and discreet, making it perfect for running errands, traveling, or simply enjoying everyday activities.

Powerful Performance
With a battery duration of up to 6.5 hours (single battery on flow setting 1) and the ability to deliver up to 1260 ml of oxygen per minute, the Inogen G5 is as powerful as it is portable.

If you need even more battery life, the G5 Double Battery provides up to 13 hours of runtime on setting 1. Furthermore, its six flow settings allow you to adjust oxygen delivery to suit your activity level.   

Intelligent Pulse Dose Delivery
The G5 uses intelligent pulse dose delivery technology to ensure efficient and consistent oxygen delivery. It senses inhalation onset, delivering a burst of oxygen at just the right moment.

When your breathing rate changes, the Inogen One G5 adapts to your breathing and delivers oxygen only when you need it. 

Quiet Operation
At only 38 decibels on setting 2, the G5 ranks among the quietest portable oxygen concentrators on the market. Similar to the soft hum of your computer or the pattering of rain, it allows you to use oxygen discreetly in public.

Versatile Power Options
The Inogen One G5 boasts multiple power options — AC, DC and battery — for optimal safety and convenience. The included auto-sensing 100-240V AC Power Supply can be used worldwide, while the DC Power Adapter lets you use and charge the G5 in the car.

As for the single and double lithium-ion batteries, they can be charged while connected to the G5 or separately using the G5 External Battery Charger.  

User-Friendly Interface
Featuring a large, backlit LCD display and an intuitive interface, the Inogen One G5 is ideal for new oxygen users. The screen clearly displays the current flow setting and battery life.

Visual cues on machine status are provided by indicator lights next to the screen, which light up green when breathing is detected and flash yellow to indicate low battery or other maintenance needs. Users can also easily adjust oxygen flow with just a touch using the +/- buttons. 

Inogen Connect
With the Inogen Connect (iOS/Android) mobile app, you’ll have the real-time status of your oxygen concentrator at your fingertips. Simply pair the G5 to your phone via Bluetooth.

Then, on the app, you can easily check the battery life, current flow settings, remaining column life, hours of use, and more. The Inogen Connect app also alerts you when it’s time to replace the columns and filters. 

Battery Duration

Battery duration listed below are approximate values. Battery duration is affected by a number of factors including operating temperature, battery age, altitude etc.  

Setting 1
Single Battery: 6.5 hrs 
Double Battery: 13 hrs

Setting 2
Single Battery: 5 hrs
Double Battery: 10 hrs

Setting 3
Single Battery: 3.5 hrs
Double Battery: 7 hrs

Setting 4
Single Battery: 2.5 hrs
Double Battery: 5 hrs

Setting 5
Single Battery: 1.83 hrs
Double Battery: 3.8 hrs

Setting 6
Single Battery: 2 hrs
Double Battery: 2.75 hrs

Oxygen Flow Setting Specifications

At 20 breaths per minute:

Flow Setting 1: 11 ml/breath ± 15%
Flow Setting 2: 21 ml/breath ± 15%
Flow Setting 3: 32 ml/breath ± 15%
Flow Setting 4: 42 ml/breath ± 15%
Flow Setting 5: 53 ml/breath ± 15%
Flow Setting 6: 63 ml/breath ± 15%


How long does the Inogen G5 last?
The expected lifespan of the Inogen One G5 is 5 years. The sieve beds or metal columns last 1 year, while the batteries have a life expectancy of 500 full charge/discharge cycles.

How long can the Inogen G5 run continuously on battery power?
The Inogen G5 single battery can last up to 6.5 hours on a full charge at flow setting 1. The Inogen G5 double battery can last up to 13 hours under the same conditions. 

Can I use the Inogen G5 on the plane? 
The Inogen One G5 is FAA-approved for use onboard commercial aircraft. Some airlines may allow you to power the G5 using onboard electrical power, but availability varies. Contact the airline at least 48 hours in advance to confirm and inquire about their specific requirements. If onboard power is unavailable, bring enough batteries to last at least 150% of your flight duration. 

How long is the charging time?
The charging time is up to 3 hours for the Inogen G5 single battery and up to 6 hours for the double battery.

How do I connect the Inogen G5 to the app? 
Please follow the instructions in the Inogen Connect: Getting Started Guide. The provider code you’ll need to connect the machine to the app is 30-F80-11-222.

Can I use the Inogen G5 while sleeping?
Yes, the Inogen One G5 is built for 24/7 use, including during sleep. Its Intelligent Dose Delivery Technology increases the amount of oxygen in each pulse as breathing rate slows.

Can I use the Inogen G5 with my CPAP or BiPAP machine?
No, the Inogen G5 is not designed to be used in conjunction with any devices including CPAPs, BiPAPs, nebulizers and humidifiers. 

What is the longest nasal cannula I can use with the Inogen G5?

The G5 concentrator is designed to be used with nasal cannulas up to 25 ft. in length. Swivel connectors are not recommended as they can limit the amount of oxygen flow.   

Does Inogen One G5 have a continuous flow mode?
No. The Inogen G5 only offers 6 pulse dose settings. 

How do I clean and maintain the Inogen One G5?
Case: Wipe the exterior of the Inogen One G5 using a clean cloth dampened with mild soap and water. 
Filter: Clean the particle filter with mild soap and water at least every week. Rinse thoroughly and dry before use. 
Sieve beds or columns: Replace the sieve beds every year. The Inogen G5 will alert you 30 days before the sieve beds need to be replaced. 
Batteries: Store the batteries with 40 to 50% charge in a cool, dry area when not in use. If you have multiple batteries, rotate their use regularly and avoid leaving them unused for over 90 days at a time. 

Learn more about how to clean oxygen concentrators and supplies

Can I leave the Inogen G5 plugged in all the time?
Yes. Leaving the Inogen G5 plugged in with fully charged batteries will not damage the unit or batteries. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on battery maintenance, routinely check the batteries, and replace them as needed. 

What is the warranty period for the Inogen One G5?
The Inogen One G5 includes a 3-year standard warranty. The sieve beds, batteries, and other accessories are covered by a 1-year limited warranty. 

Technical Data
IS-500-NA8, IS-500-NA16
E1390, E1392
4.77 lb (with single battery)
(LxWxH) With Single Battery: 7.19" x 3.26" x 8.15", With Double Battery: 7.19" x 3.26" x 9.03"
AC Input
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
AC Power Supply
100 to 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, Auto-Sensing 1.0A
DC Converter
Included, 13.5-15.5V, 10A Max
Battery Option
Single (8-cell), Double (16-cell)
Smartphone App
Inogen Connect (Android/iOS)
Altitude Adjustment
Up to 10,000 Feet
3-Years Manufacturer Warranty
Sound/Noise Level
38 dBA at setting 2
Carrying Case
Yes, included
Expected Service Life
5 Years
Reusable Particle Filter, Output Filter
Operation Modes
Pulse Dose 1-6
AC Power Supply Weight
0.85 lb (approx)
Battery Duration
Single Battery: up to 6.5 hrs; Double Battery: up to 13 hrs
Battery Recharge
Single: up to 3 hrs, Double: up to 6 hrs
Oxygen Delivery Settings
Pulse dose settings 1-6 (up to 1260 ml/min)
Oxygen Purity
87% to 96% at all flow settings
Battery Warranty
1 Year
Item Includes
  • Inogen G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • Rechargeable Battery (single or double)
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Adapter
  • Carrying Bag
  • User Manual
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