Vyaire PureSom Ruby Fixed Size Breathe-O-Prene CPAP Chin Strap

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Key Features:

  • Fixed (non-adjustable) Fit
  • Available in Small, Medium and Large
  • Made of breathable, moisture-wicking neoprene
  • Prevents mouth breathing and air leaks when using nasal/nasal pillow masks
Product Details

PureSom Fixed Size Breathe-O-Prene CPAP Ruby Chin Strap

The Fixed Size Ruby Chin Strap from PureSom holds your mouth closed securely and comfortably during CPAP therapy to reducing and eliminate dry mouth, nose and throat. It also decreases mask leak that negatively affects therapy effectiveness. This chin strap is made of flexible neoprene that pulls moisture away from the skin for comfort and comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Please note that this chin strap is not adjustable. For the adjustable version, see Vyaire PureSom Ruby Adjustable Breathe-O-Prene CPAP Chin Strap

Chin Strap Dimensions:

  • Small = 21.5" to 22.5"
  • Medium = 22" to 23"
  • Large = 23" to 24" 

*Measure from the chin, around the top of the head and back down to the chin.


Is this PureSom Ruby Chin Strap adjustable?
No, this chin strap does not have any adjustable Velcro tabs. We recommend measuring your head to ensure proper sizing prior to purchase.

How do I clean my PureSom Ruby Chin Strap?
Hand wash your chin strap in warm water with a mild detergent or baby shampoo daily to remove any sweat and/or oils that may have accumulated overnight. While there are expensive neoprene cleaning materials available, they are usually not needed.

Technical Data
TMS-09S, TMS-09M, TMS-09L
21 Inch
Item Includes

1x Fixed Size Ruby Chin Strap in the selected size

Reviews (6)
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Stan L
Was this helpful?
I am not a cpap user nor do I have sleep apnea, but I do sleep with my mouth open at night and I HATE waking up in the middle of the night or when I wake up in the morning with that dry mouth cotton feeling in my throat. So I really do like this chin strap. Its comfortable and feels snug on my head. Also red is my favorite color so that's a plus! Ill if a 4 star.
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3 of 5 Stars!
Rob K
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This chinstraps really a great help for me because I sleep with my mouth open and I my mouth get so dry in the morning when I wake up. Since I bought this I have not had any dry mouth and its really comfortable and never gives me discomfort at all. Its very easy to care for I just hand wash it and using only mild soap and hang dry. Super affordable too
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Amelia S
Was this helpful?
Although this is the style I have used before from another company in size small, this small size is really for a child not an adult with a small head. I am unable to use this and no refunds.
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2 of 5 Stars!
Lisa D
Was this helpful?
I have one of these chin straps already and like it; however, the one I received I even after measuring as indicated is much too small. It will have to be returned.
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Shirley T
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Subject: Carefusion chin strap
Why aren't these adjustable any longer? Very difficult to put on. I hate these

It does come in adjustable! TMS-09ADJ is the item number.

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Sam C
Was this helpful?
I bought this not aware it is not adjustable and cannot use as it does not fiit. Needs more information to customers.
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Why was the TMS-08 discontinued? The wide one piece strap was the only chin strap I have found that will hold my mouth securely closed. I am able fold over the strap off my chin to secure my mouth, all the other new models cover the chin and pull the mouth backward instead of up. I have a couple of TSM-08 model purchased some time ago, after they are used up I will have to change to a full face mask or stop CPAP use.

Hello, I am sorry Vyaire has discontinued the chin strap without advising why. We do carry the mode. Which is very similar and adjustable. TMS-09ADJ

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Can I purchase a CareFusion Ruby TMS09ADJXL?? I have one my husband is using but I can only find the CareFusion Ruby L for sale on line.

The adjustable one is currently out of stock and the manufacturer cannot ship any more.

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