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HDM Z1 PowerShell Module w/ Extended Battery
Model: HD60-7020

HDM Z1 PowerShell Module w/ Extended Battery
HDM Z1 PowerShell Module w/ Extended Battery HDM Z1 PowerShell Module w/ Extended Battery HDM Z1 PowerShell Module w/ Extended Battery
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$599.00   $449.00

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CPAP Extended Battery Module for HDM Z1

HDM's Battery Module fits into their Z1 CPAP Machine. Holding the battery, the module allows the device to be powered for at least eight hours without access to electricity. Part of the world's best travel CPAP machine.

Double The Capacity

With the extended battery, this powershell has twice capacity as the original overnight battery.

Run Time is 8.9 hours (at 20cm)

Makes a Great Backup or Replacement

If you lose the module for your Z1, or if you simply want a back up, this replacement will seamlessly work with your CPAP device.

Key Features

  • Makes a Great Replacement
  • Durable
  • Travel Friendly: Will Fit in Your Palm!

Reviewers Tip:

Attaches to the Z1 CPAP machine easily.

The battery will not charge if the temperature is over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is a safety feature of the lithium battery.  A fully depleted battery take sup to 10 hours to charge.  Connect all three components when charging the battery:  AC Adapter is plugged in to the PowerShell and wall outlet, the Z1 is inserted in the PowerShell, with the Z1 on standby mode.

Z1 Travel CPAP Machine with PowerShell and Overnight Battery!


Does the module come with its own replacement battery as well?

No. Replacement batteries can be purchased if you want to have a back up with your Z1 power module, but this item only comes with a single battery.


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