Fabric/Clear Frame For Philips Wisp CPAP Nasal Mask

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Key Features:

  • Replacement Frame for Philips Respironics Wisp and Wisp Youth Nasal Mask
  • Two Frame Options: Reversable Fabric or Clear Silicone
  • Compatible with All Sizes of Wisp Headgear
Product Details
Technical Data
1094080, 1094081
Approximately 4 oz
30 days
Item Includes

1x Frame for Wisp Nasal Mask in the selected style

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Gary L
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I agree with the previous review, I am currently on my 4 th fabric harness. Inside the fabric is a strip of plastic, however it is not one continious piece. In the front where the mask mounts the plastic ends coming in from the sides to the circle. That is where I have had failure each and every time. The fabric stretches there because the end of the plastic strip is not connected to anything. At a certain point the fabric begins to tear ane the end of the plastic strip becomes exposed. At this point the mask has lost it's ability to maintain a constant hold on the mask. At this point the torn fabric is the only thing holding the mask together and it's only a matter of time before it completely tears apart.
In my opinion this mask is a very good idea, but with a poor design.
If the plastic internal frame were all one piece this problem would never occur. And instead of purchasing my 4th one I would still be using my original one.
Oh, I believe I see the problem !
That would be four times less sales for the manufacturer and the distributor.
I guess that's what they call, "Planned Obsolescence"
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Omar W
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I got to say, the idea of this mask frame would be great...IF the frame would last. Ive used this wisp mask and for the first month of using the fabric frame was good and it felt really nice to use on my face and cheeks. But after using it for a month the fabric will start to rip and end up peeling off the frame turning something that once was soft fabric into hard plastic which makes me want to SHOUT AND THROW MY HANDS UP and throw it away and be forced to buy a new one,
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Donna R
(Verified Purchase)
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Subject: Holder for mask.
I Purchased this product and the mask holder only lasted a couple months and then it broke. I have to re-purchase it because I bought several of the mask. I was disappointed because it didn’t last that long. It should’ve lasted longer than two months.
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Marlos G
(Verified Purchase)
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This is 4th time I am buying this frame. Even the clear plastic one broken 3 times close tô the pillow ring.
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Dave M
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The wisp is an awesome piece of equipment. However the fabric is a bit of poor design. I was going thru them about 1 in 2months. When I changed to the clear plastic one, everything changed. The clear is like a piece of silicone and has held up very well. Been using that one alone for about 6 months. I would get again, if i ever have the need to replace again.
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Arrived quickly, easy to install, it was exactly what I ordered. I had a rash on my face that my doctor suspected was from the clear silicone cpap frame I was using. Within a week of using the fabric frame the rash was completely gone.
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William W
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Your web site is very easy to use with fast shipping the mask frame is soft and comfortable and is easy on your face the plastic inside the fabric will break in time but not wearing the mask to tight will make it last longer
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This product is exactly what I needed. I received it in a timely manner and I will definitely order from respshop in the future.
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Kurt G
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Subject: Great product to rejuvenate a Wisp
For some reason, these frames will wear out in about a year, so this is nice alternative to a new mask.
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Stuart B
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Subject: RespShop my go to store for CPAP supplies.
Fit like it should. Good price. Hard to find a store with such a large selection of replacement parts.
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Will this for Ref # 1094051 mask?

Yes that reference number is for the everything including the mask.

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