Bleep Halos Adhesive Patches for Eclipse CPAP Interfaces - 32 Pack

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Key Features:

  • Leak-Free Seal for Active Sleepers
  • Quiet & Lightweight
  • Universal Fit
  • Hypoallergenic Latex-Free Design
  • MagSeal with Magnetic Port Technology
  • Headgear-Free Design
  • Made in the USA
Product Details

Halos Adhesive Patches for Eclipse CPAP Interface

Halos are disposable, hypoallergenic surgical-grade adhesives designed for use with the Eclipse Connector Frame, providing a headgear-free PAP therapy experience. Each halo adhesive features a stainless steel metallic ring which adheres to the magnets on the opening ports of the Eclipse Connector Frame. Halos are biodegradable, late-free, corn-free and can be trimmed to fit the shape of the nose.

Each box contains 32 Halos adhesives for a 16-night supply. Please note that the Eclipse Connector Frame is required to use the Halos. The Eclipse Connector Frame can be purchased with two boxes (32 each) of Halos in an Eclipse Starter Pack.



How do I apply the Halos? 
To ensure an optimal seal, clean your skin with a mild astringent such as witch hazel or alcohol prior to applying the Halos. If you have oily skin, you may need to use a stronger astringent. Please do not use soap or makeup remover as they contain oils and moisturizers that will interfere with the adhesive. If you have a mustache, trim your skin just below the nostrils before applying the Halos. 

The metallic ring of each Halo should sit centered over each nostril. When applying the second Halo, ensure that the tape does not overlap with the ring of the first Halo already on the nostril. You may need to trim the Halos with the paper backing in place to prevent overlap. Press the adhesive firmly into the skin to guarantee a leak-free seal.

How do I remove the Halos?
Gently peel the Halos down and away from the nose to remove. 

How often should I replace the Halos?
Halos are single-use only. Each box of 32 Halos provides a 16-night supply. 

MAGNETIC WARNING: Magnets used in the Eclipse™ are within ICNIRP guidelines for general public use. The magnetic strength is 65 mT. Ensure the mask is at least 0.8 inches (2 cm) away from any active medical implant or medical device (e.g., pacemaker, defibrillators, neurostimulators, cochlear implants, hearing aids), to avoid possible effects from localized magnetic fields. If patient/household member has magnets or metal in their bodies, consult a physician prior to use.
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Item Includes

32 Halos adhesive patches per box (16-nights supply)

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Subject: Bleep eclipse
These are way more comfortable than wearing a mask!
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