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Fisher & Paykel myAirvo 2 Humidified High Flow System

Model: PT100US
SKU: 1501

Fisher & Paykel myAirvo 2 Humidified High Flow System

Model: PT100US

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Fisher & Paykel’s myAIRVO 2

Fisher & Paykel myAIRVO2 generates high flows of warmed, humidified air (up to 60 LPM). With a focus on comfort and ease of use, myAIRVO 2 provides respiratory support and airway hydration in a device powerful enough for clinical care; but user friendly enough for use in the home.


myAIRVO 2’s Integrated Flow Generator delivers warmed, humidified air at rates of 2-60 LPM depending on user requirements. An easy push button interface and color display let you know what the current flow target is as well as the status of air delivery.


Cold drips and gurgling, caused by condensation in tubing and cannulas, have always been a big complaint for high flow air and oxygen users. myAIRVO 2 tackles these problems head on with the AirSpiral Tube. AirSpiral tubes contain two spiral elements -- a heating spiral to warm the air as it passes through the tube, and an insulating to protect warmed air in the tube from temperature variations outside the tube. Working together with myAIRVO the AirSpiral reduces condensation by 93% to ensure warm, humidified air without any annoying droplets or distracting sounds.


The unique OptiFlow+ Nasal Cannula features a concave base, together with the soft contoured prongs to enhance comfort to the septum and nares. Soft cheek pads with a larger surface area promote stability, and minimize pressure on the face; and an integrated headstrap clip improves tubing management to simplify eating, drinking, and communicating. Three sizes are available -- Small, Medium & Large -- to fit a wide range of users.


myAIRVO 2 is compatible with supplemental continuous flow oxygen, up to 15 LPM, for users who require it. Simply connect your oxygen concentrator (or cylinder) to myAIRVO 2’s supplemental oxygen port and an in-built ultrasonic analyzer integrates the flow without requiring calibration or special setup. If you believe myAIRVO 2 could help with your oxygen therapy talk to your doctor to learn more.


myAIRVO 2 was designed from start to finish with the user in mind. A bright display screen on the front of the unit, and audible alert sounds, provide information on current settings, compliance, and performance. During the night alert sounds are made quieter, and the display dims, to ensure a good night’s sleep. (For safety system alarms are unaffected.) myAIRVO 2’s AirSpiral tubing includes a handy molded clip for attaching the tube to clothing or bedding; an integrated temperature sensor to eliminate inconvenient probes, cables and adapters; and molded grips at both ends to assist with connection and disconnection.

SKU: 1501
  HCPCS Code E1399
  Dimensions 11.6 x 6.7 x 6.9 inches
  Weight 4.8 Lbs
  Sound/Noise Level 45dbA @ 1m
  Altitude Adjustment 6000 ft.
  AC Power 100-115 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2.2 A
  • myAIRVO 2 Humidifier
  • Printed User Manual
  • Patient Interface
  • Auto-Fill Water Chamber
  • Air Filter (2-pack)
  • Water Bag (2-pack)
  • Oxygen Inlet Kit
  • Disinfection Kit
  • Compact Stand
  • Power Cord
  • Heated Breathing Tube (900PT560E)
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty