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Established in 2007 in Blaine Minnesota USA, Zopec Medical is a full-service distributor of CPAP, BiPap, AVAPS machines for Resvant Medical, Beyond Medical, Apex Medical (Wellell), and other CPAP companies. Also, we are a global leader and manufacturer of UPS and Batteries for High Flow Nasal Cannulas (HFNC), Home Oxygen Concentrators, Home Ventilators, and CPAP/BiPap/AVAPS machines. Last but not least, we provide N95 PPE masks and Peripheral Neuropathy therapy devices. We have a team of medical doctors, respiratory therapists, and engineers to provide world-class clinical, cloud-based compliance software and warranty support for our customers. Our customers include DMEs, hospitals, dental offices, pharmacies, medical clinics, businesses, schools, and chiropractic centers.
Zopec VOYAGE Universal SMART Travel CPAP Battery
Zopec VOYAGE Universal SMART Travel CPAP Battery
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