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Rental Machines

Have you just been diagnosed with sleep apnea? Are you looking to try CPAP therapy? Do you have respiratory insufficiency which your lungs cannot take in sufficient oxygen? Do you want a less bulky, travel friendly, or battery-capable machine to take with you when you are on the go? Do you have a machine you love, but it's being repaired/replaced. Instead of spending nights without therapy waiting on the return of your machine, rent one!

Respshop's Rental Program is the perfect place to start. It’s important to understand what options do you have whether you are getting ready to use your new CPAP/O2 machine or you’re a seasoned user who just want to try them out before committing. Life is unpredictable sometimes. At RespShop, we understand that you can't always use your personal CPAP/O2 machine or purchase a costly medical equipment. Our machine rental program is perfect for people who need an additional machine for travel, for use while their personal machine is being repaired, or for short term medical needs.

If you're worried about sanitation, don't be. At RespShop, each of our rental machines and humidifiers are sanitized with innovative oxygen cleaning technology, and every order ships with brand new water tubs, tubes, and filters.