Clinical Consultation with a Sleep Professional - 30 Minute Appointments

Clinical Consultation with a Sleep Professional - 30 Minute Appointments

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30 Minutes Appointment with a Sleep Professional

With the purchase of the CPAP Compliance and Therapy Reporting service, you have an option to book a clinical consultation. Our Respiratory Therapists and Polysomnographic technicians will spend 30 minutes with you reviewing the detailed data of your compliance report.

Customers often feel uneducated about their Obstructive Sleep Apnea diagnosis and insecure about CPAP therapy and how it works. During the clinical consult, you will be educated about both your diagnosis and your therapy. We will explain AHI, obstructive, hypopnea and central apneas events. You will learn how the pressures you have been prescribed work very closely with a good mask fit and compliant therapy. Any questions you have about humidity, mask leakage or comfort features will be addressed.

The clinical consultation will leave you informed about your diagnosis and therapy. You will feel confident about using therapy and you will know what your next steps should be if any changes are necessary. Our professional staff are here to support you with all their knowledge and expertise. The goal is for you to be optimally treated and feeling the best you can.

Meet Our Professional Team

Model ClinicalConsultation
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I need a CPAP home consultation to fit my masks properly. Larry (Asked on 09/17/2022)
We have great success helping our customers choose the best mask from our website. Many masks now come in a fit pack so the size issue is removed as the mask comes with all sized cushions. Please call in and speak to one of our professional staff. We are happy to assist you.
Is it brand New that CPAP RESMED at that price?????? $999.00 ???? (Asked on 06/05/2022)
The Cpap is brand new and have a look at the price now!
I've been using a CPAP for years. The last time I replaced it was in 2008 I believe. I know I should replace my old one but would rather not have to go through an overnight sleep study again.
Do you do that on line and Take my BlueCross and SDI?

Bob Gare (Asked on 03/28/2022)
Hi there, unfortunately we do not work with insurance. You will have to see if they would reimburse you for any purchases.

If you have been on CPAP, you can search our website for RespRx. This is a 15 minute zoom meeting with a sleep physician in California. They will discuss your current diagnosis and will write you a new prescription for the price of $69. Thank you.
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